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Why would a root canal be re-done on the same tooth?

I have heard people say that they have had a root canal in the past, and when they go to the Dentist they recommend another root canal on the same tooth. Why is that? If it was already done why would anybody need another one??

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    If the infection is left in the tooth after the root canal procedure or in cases, if root canal procedure is not done properly, then re-root canal treatment is done to remove the infection and to reduce the pain. Prognosis for re-root canal procedure is not as good as tooth which has root canal procedure for the first time. For more info on root canal re-treatment, you can refer to the following article...

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    Root Canal Not Done Properly

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    No, to the person who ignorantly answered you. The root is not taken out. They take the nerve (pulp chamber) out of the center of the root, blood supply. You need the root. Re-treatments are done all the time. You may have had a root canal and years later either need it re-treated or extracted, and the cause of this would be infection present. I would not say that infection is caused by a poorly done root canal, because sometimes you just cannot get to the apex of the tooth. Could be pulp stones, decalcified canals, or just accessory canals that are impossible to find. So if you cannot completely clean all the nerve out, you seal it up and hope for the best. It could stay like that for the rest of your life, with no probs, or it could re-infect in a few years, few months, few weeks. You never know. Not all of them can be re-treated, often times people opt to extract. You can't leave infection in your mouth like that so you have to do something. But yeah, re-treatment of root canals are common.

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    Maybe it was a halfway done procedure?

    Usually when the rootcanal is performed, the root is taken OUT. Another root canal won't do much if the root is already gone; that same person is most likely to geta cap put in....but no. 2 root canals on one tooth can't work.

    I don't think that's even possible.

    Source(s): I got one a few years back from an injury. :/ Hope this helps!
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    I have made the comment i had to get my root canal redone, but what happened was the filling broke inside my tooth shell and needed to be drilled out, cleaned, and re filled. I have personally had this happen twice because i never got my root canals crowned. (Way too expensive for me!!!)

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    g' root canal did not take ...still hurts after 1 1/2 yrs but have given them enough money...keep us posted....but yea, ck w another dentist

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    Its a scam it called my word ,,,a dentist will prod you mouth,give you a infection,give you GANKED YOU so you have to have another 1500 dollar

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