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Alright.... I'm actually pretty far into my rsps I have downloaded utorrent and followed the utorrent guide to PF as i cannot do it on my router because idk the user and pass and I've went to the websites that show the default for my router but none work and I've also downloaded and set up no-ip and everything, my source, client, everything works except whenever i try to login it says "error conencting to server" please help me everything works, the run file, compiler EVERYTHING but I just can't seem to get it online even though I've followed the steps on no-ip and utorrent....any help would be appreciated please and if you need screeneis jsut tell me and I'll get them for you

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@rofl loll I can't login into my router, I've already pasted my i.p thing into browser but it keeps saying the pass and stuff is oncorrect, i've went to the website which lists the defaults for my router thing but none work... I have a Engenius, Wireless-G ECB3500, which plugs into the wall, and then the back of the router thing... it has attenna's then the EnGenius hooks up to my computer... please help I've tryed everything you listed ALONG time ago it doens't work

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@perry In big bold letters on my router it says "DO NOT RESET" last time i did it wiped out all the command my isp put on it and i wa sunable to connect to the internet at all they had to put them back on.

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NOPE none of them helped, i m gunna have to face it i cnat portfoward my router so there has to be another way? someone told me utorrent and i did that but it stil ldoesnt work... HELP ME PLEASE!

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isp is closed... and resetting does nothing but not allowing me to connect to the itnernet at all

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    Your ISP probably has the user and password set for it, it is not a default. Whether or not they will give it to you is hard to say, they may not want you tampering with their settings, since it sounds like you are trying to do something shady.


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    You don't need to copy & paste all of that.

    And we're not going to answer unless you stop asking

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    call a computer repair place they'll help... or you can wipe your computer

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