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Expectations of the Western Bulldogs (FFC) next coming season?

This question is directed to current fans of the club and of AFL in general.

What are you (the fans) expecting from this club next season?

Where is the focus, is it on the younger players, the coach etc.?

What attracts you to this team and keeps you loyal?

Basically I'm trying to get an overall feel of how fans view the club and why they continue to barrack for them, or if they don't what will push them to get behind this team.

I guess this is an opportunity for everyone to share their passion and love for the club. Thanks in advance for any feedback

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  • shifty
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    9 years ago
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    Not a Bulldogs supporter.

    They had an indifferent season this year. with injuries to key players a certain times. being the difference between winning & losing.

    Then there was the horrible form of all-Australian full back Brian Lake. who managed about 3 senior games for the whole of the season. he along with Brownlow medalist Adam Cooney. who has a degenerative knee problem. so it would be fair to say that his best football is behind him now.

    The Doggies also had to cover the retirements of Jason Akermanous & Brad Johnson. who were big losses for them at the end of last season.

    They looked really good when they defeated Carlton at Etihad stadium in round 16 by 27 points. but unfortunately they weren't able to continue that good form.

    I don't consider Callan Wards defection to GWS as a huge loss. as he is still young. the club will have a chance to pick up a high draft pick to compensate his loss.

    As it stands. the Doggies only lack about 4 premium players that would have them back playing finals again. so if you are a supporter. don't give up. there is plenty of fight left in the Doggies for 2012. hopefully their new coach. will be able to get them barking again. woof!

    cheers mate.

  • 9 years ago

    Not a Bulldogs fan.

    The club has a history, so if it's me, I continue to support them.

    The focus would have to be on the younger players, but the club has lost serious ground in not rebuilding earlier. Realistically speaking, there might be 1-2 places available in the 8 next year, and I don't believe the Dogs will contest those. It looks like a 2-3 year rebuilding under a new coach.

    If they don't rebuild now, the process will take longer.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Very good question Eric, I reckon the Bullies, still have a fair playing list, with plenty of ground speed on offer. I thing " rocket " Eade made the best of what talent he had available and tried to continue the run-em-of-their-legs game plan he inherited, going all the way back to Terry Wallace.The problem now being is for the new coach to come in and try and radically change this style of play, could prove difficult for the older members of the squad to ajust ? I reckon they will finish middle of the ladder next season, on the cusp of playing final's footy . Keep truck'n !

  • 9 years ago

    They need to make finals at least, anything less will be a massive dissapointment and major changes will have to occur, whether it been rebuilding totally or gaining some more experienced players and having a real crack at the flag in 2013.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Nope. I had already forgotten approximately till you published this question. meanwhile, the memory of Geelong and Brisbane lingers.. Oh and another difficulty... "it truly is pretty much like thinking this hollow because of the fact the AFL as a shipment practice in action on the tracks and the 2d final carriage is conserving an truly viscous fluid in its comportment. although an accident occurs to derail that carriage from something of the practice and a hollow is concurrently created to allow the viscous fluid to leak everywhere in the tires slowing it down whilst something of the practice is shifting forward at a rapid %.." WTF??

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