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what are some good halloween movies?

halloween is next month so im going to start waching some halloween movies so what are some good halloween movies


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    Nightmare on Elm Street (old man getting his revenge through young teens dreams)

    Pet Sematary (pets and people coming back from the grave)

    Pet Sematary 2 (pets and people coming back from the grave)

    Friday 13th (a camp with teens being slaughtered)

    Night of the Living Dead (ZOMBIES!)

    Jaws (giant shark eating people off an island)

    Dawn of the Dead (ZOMBIES in a shopping mall)

    Shaun of the Dead (horror and for a laugh)

    Children of the Corn (rouge children being controlled by the corn)

    Carrie (girl with telekinetic powers)

    Christine (car possessed and on a killing rampage)

    Salom's Lot (vampires)

    Graveyard Shift (ghosts and monsters)

    Strangers (home invasion)

    Shutter Island (mental asylum)

    Hostel (people being tortured for pleasure and for a high price)

    Hostel 2 (people being tortured for pleasure and for a high price)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original) (chainsaw man on the loose)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake 2003) (chainsaw man on the loose)

    Halloween (remake, not great more gore)

    Saw 1 - 7 (if you want but Saw is really good as is 6) (showing people in the worst way why they shouldn't live)

    The Grudge (scared me ****-less) (ghost trying to get revenge)

    Critters (fur balls from space with big sharp teeth and glowing red eyes)

    American Werewolf in London (speaks for itself)

    Interview with a Vampire (speaks for itself)

    That is just a few, hope this helps and I hope you have a happy halloween!

    Source(s): Horror movie fan and plan to have a horror movie night for halloween too.
  • Friday the 13th i hate that movie with a passion would rather watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    Trick 'r Treat (2007)

  • 9 years ago

    bedknobs and broomsticks or Hocus Pocus is good for kids anyways

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