blackberry data plan help?

okay so since my parents work for the city i live in i get really cheap plans with rogers blah blah

so i am thinking of getting myself a blackberry

but the plan thats offered is 20 dollars, 300 minutes, free text, free weekends, but it doesnt say anything about data but i do get to chose the phone i want.

but my question is since i dont have a data plan, are the apps like facebook, twitter, n msn free? or do they require data????????/

pls help a confused soul, THANKU <3


and also if i dont have to pay, do i have to be connected to the internet???

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes they require data. They are not free.

    Although, you can connect to wi-fi to use the apps or internet browser.

    It honestly wouldn't be worth it though for a blackberry to just use wi-fi.

    Blackberries pretty much revolve around data.. bbm, internet, apps, social networking, etc.

    If you're looking for a phone without data -- get something else for sure.

    You can always purchase a data plan on top of the 20$ plan you were speaking about though. They also have specific blackberry value packs and some include data.

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