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What do you know about Norway?

Im writing an essay and need to know what ppl who are not from Norway knows/think they know about Norway and norwegians, without reserching first :)

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    Well, it is an expensive country, although the qualilty of life is excellent. It was invaded during WW2, and island Jan Mayen was in fact the only part of Norway which remained free from the nazi invasion.

    It is considered part of Scandinavia along with Sweden and Denmark.

    It is a monarchy.

    It was aligned to the USA during the Cold War. (Sweden, Finland and maybe Denmark remained neutral).

    Its shoreline is full of fjords.

    Above 60° North it remains dark for around 6 months and sunlit for the other 6 months.

    AFAIK, most Norwegians are christians.

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    My family is originally from there. Capital is Oslo, Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Barents Sea surround it, shares its border with Sweden...a neutral country during WW1, occupied by Germans. Vast mythology that is so fun to read. Vikings, discovery of America before Columbus...

    The people? There are lots of different looks, but I guess the stereotype looks like me, tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, larger bone structure. Other then that, healthy, long life span, hard working...

    I'm sure there's more but that's all I have time for. Good luck to you

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    Short summers long winters

    seafaring peole who discovered N. America

    eat a good deal of fish

    Olso capital

    fordjs are steep walled bays opening on atlantic and baltic

    border on sweden and artic circle

    member of NATO

    invdaed by NAZI in WWII

    Norse in language

    primarily Christian

    public education is universal and popuation is highley educ compared to rest of world

    uses/makes a lot of hydro electic power

    stable govet is a constionaula monarchy

    Many Norse immigranted to US in Upper Midwest.

    In Norse mythology hell is a frozen waste land and not a hot purgatroy

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