Writing a Poem about a friend?

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I need a short poem about my friend Daniel. He is 16, loves skateboarding and works at mcdonald. Hope you are able to put something together - just short, like 3-5 lines. :-)


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  • 9 years ago
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    I enjoy "Acrostic" and I will attempt another form.

    He is active, responsible,

    a hard working

    likable sort

    He is my friend

    He is Daniel

  • 9 years ago

    Daily routine surrounded by fires and hamburgers, wishing for a break

    And little more time to play with (name of his favorite skateboard company)

    Nice to see that his (favorite stunt on a skateboard, kickflip?) is moving, growing

    In way he'll see himself famous like ( name of his favorite skater)

    Everyone loves the entertanier, (the+a trait of his character, the + trait of his character)

    Let him alone to make his future known

    Source(s): this is called an Acroustic poem, the first letter of every line describes spells out his name
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