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Can I never have children and a happy family?? :(?

I'm a little depressed. I'm around 15 and attracted to males. I like girls and admire their beauty but they don't attract me. Two girls have already proposed me and all I could say was that I considered them only my friends :( So many girls of my age call me cute, want to be close friends with me, but I feel ashamed. :(

I know I'm thinking too far about my future, but this has been bothering me.. I want to have a family and my OWN children. is it possible? :( please dont say you're born this way, and don't marry a girl and live a lie. I won't live a lie! At least I'll love her more than anyone else. But will I ever have children? Will sleeping with her do the work? Please give a positive and polite response. I'm a little sensitive.

P.s. By marrying I girl,I will never ever betray her. Instead, I'll give her all the best out of her life. And that's for sure.


I'm basically asking if I could spend a life comfortably with a woman and have children and a family.. Thanks a lot!

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    10 years ago
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    You are ONLY 15. Only 2 years ago you thought all girls had cooties. Don't be too quick to label yourself sexually. Don't even worry about sex and all of this stuff. Concentrate on school and grades and the way that you will support this family that you hope to have. You have time. Lots of time. So relax and enjoy work, school, socializing as friends, and a hobby or two.

    Life will bring you what you need and want if you are patient and listen to yourself and value yourself.

  • 10 years ago

    If you look further than certain political group's rhetoric, you'll find many very happy same sex couples with very happy families. Honestly, some of the couples who I know who have been together the longest are gay couples. Some of those find ways to have children, either through adoption or in other ways. If this is who you are and what you want, it is very possible to have a happy family that includes more than just you and the partner you will find.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hey, you're 15. Don't worry about it. Date around, date guys, date girls, date whoever. Don't worry about it. If you want to have your own children, and you want to have a husband, you can have a surrogate mother who will birth the baby for you.

    You will have a better idea of what you want in a few years. You have all the time in the world to figure out how your family will work out.

  • 10 years ago

    you're only 15, maybe you like both girls and boys. it's okay' should just continue to be friends with those girls, and if you're attracted to guys, date guys. I am only attracted to guys..I'm a girl, but a girl kissed me a long time ago, and I was okay with it until i came to conclusion that I was just into dating will learn more and experience growing up into cute older guy, and society today is more tolerant fr bisexual and gay people, so don't be sad. you will still be able to have kids and a family :)

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