Can anyone tell me the whole X-Man story, including how all the movie go into place? 10 Points!?

If it's long and detailed, ill give it to you, but just a basic summary will be fine, and oh! please tell me the order of the movies according to the storyline.


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    8 years ago
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    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    X-Men: First Class


    X2: X-Men United

    X-Men The Last Stand

    Basically, the mutant Wolverine is introduced. Then, Professor X and Magneto join forces during the Cuban Missile crises, along with the original X-Men. This serves as a backstory to how everything in the future films play out. Now, the main protagonists in the main series is Wolverine, he falls in love with Jean Grey, who has a dark subconscious known as the Phoenix, when in this state she becomes uncontrollable and extremely dangerous. During this whole process, Cyclops dies, and Wolverine kills Jean to prevent her from any more harm to the world. That's basically it.

    Have fun!


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