ok now that i have your attention because this site sucks and only the 12 yo kids get answers::

Are these good signs we'll hook up again? dont judge me?

im 25 and hes 30

we met only to hook up and have fun because i get bored occasionally and dont have a boyfriend , i only work so when i need to play i just hook up every several months lol , anyway , i met this guy and we IM'D each other and he seemed like a polite and personable guy and asked me questions about myself and etc. and despite the fact we only met that 1 time and had our fun (but didnt do actual intercourse because he couldn't stay hard) we still actually had a blast and he was really affectionate and giving and attentive and just fun in bed he totally reassured me that i was attractive and even while we were cuddling (because he wanted to and also kissed me a million times the entire time ) he said ill miss you , and even though this was all only for fun he asked " so can we continue talking?" and i said sure well see how it goes , only because i didnt want to get my hopes up he even instant messaged me for 2 days after our fun and asked me how everything was and chatted about stuff other than sex lol and said i wanted to meet etc,

ive hooked up with guys before and the heavy petting or their vibe was not like this guys....the other guys would usually run out of the house like it was on fire after being with me (which was understandable since we weren't married or something and i didnt want them there either) or even if they said they wanted to meet up again they would lie totally and never instant message or txt me or definitely cuddle or touch like that.....

before anyone prudish immature or judgmental says anything , no im not a home wrecking w-h-ore or a freak were both adults who wanted fun so if you have a problem with that GET OVER YOURSELF

and im NOT THINKING this guy will be my boyfriend .Ive played it cool and let him contact me first and he has i just want to know if these were good signs of him coming back because i cant stop thinking about the fun we had....he is great.....

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    9 years ago
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    I think that he might come around. The fact that there isn't a lot of communication might be because of schedules or the fact that the relationship isn't serious. On the other hand, the fact that he couldn't keep it up might make him feel very self-conscious even if he tried to play it off while you were together.

  • sigmon
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    4 years ago

    i became into 15 as quickly as I had my first lesbian come upon and it became into with an 18 year previous, yet i myself think of 40 5 is pushing it. i'm particular you will discover somebody that on the least is below 21.

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