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Heroic men and women who have fought against slavery?

what are some qualities and or attitudes you admire in them???? :)

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    The Quakers

    Ben Franklin

    Anthony Benezet

    Nathaniel Bacon

    John Woolman

    Thomas Clarkson

    William Wilberforce

    The people of what is now Haiti

    James Forten

    Denmark Vesey

    David Walker

    William Garrison

    Nat Turner

    Maria Stewart

    Robert Purvis

    Pope Gregory XVI

    Fredrick Douglass

    Harriet Tubman

    William Still

    Passmore Williamson

    John Brown

    They all possessed the courage and bravery to speak out against the majority.

    All fought (some physically) against slavery despite often being ridiculed or threatened.

    Some died for their beliefs.

    They all helped put an end to slavery through their actions and words.

    They were charismatic, open-minded individuals.

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    Whoever said MLK and Rosa Parks is an idiot. They fought for Civil Rights and Parks didn't do anything but sit down. Slavery had been over for 100 years.

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