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Should I do Ice hockey or Lacrosse?


I'm currently 12 but I'll be 13 soon. I'm thinking about doing an extra sport (I do Rugby union right now and I'm in the school team) and I prefer full contact sports. I have a Lacrosse club in the same Borough I live in and I can go to that on Saturdays but Ice hockey is the sport I'd prefer. The problem is that it's 6 miles away and with school it may be a headache getting there. I just want your opinions; should I do Ice hockey or Lacrosse - perhaps even both, if possible. However Ice hockey won't be practical for me.

One more thing, I'm British and a Londoner, in case this will help with your answer. 6 miles in London traffic on the bus and no Underground in my area (the South East) isn't that great.

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    Both....They are both great sports and can be played at diffrent times.

    If you had to choose I would say Ice Hockey but I always encourage my players to play more than one sport.

    Many of the best NHL players started playing other sports before going to hockey. Hockey will take a while to get good at because you have to learn how to skate.

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    Ice hockey

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    lacrosse is not as expensive, and you do not have to learn how to skate. lacrosse is also more physical than hockey.

    hockey is a longer season as well.

    its up to you, they are both fun sports. you might adjust to lacrosse faster though.

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    Play both! they're two different seasons!

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