How does HGTV sell houses so quickly?

House Hunters is a great show. The buyers look at 3 houses then wham! one is theirs! We see them 3 months later. How does that happen so quickly? Guess the viewers don't see everything?

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    9 years ago
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    It is extremely unusual that they manage to find houses for each of those buyers so quickly, however it sometimes happens. When buying our second house we looked at only one house, viewed it twice in 2 days and put in an offer which was accepted in less than 24 hours. We know this isn't normal, but we like to joke that our house was our biggest impulse purchase.

    If you've never bought a house before though you may be surprised how quickly some things do happen. If a house is newly listed you need to go view it quickly sometimes because hot listings will sell within a week. When we sold our house (after the impulse buy) we spent weeks and weeks making sure it was perfect. We finished replacing the furnace on a Friday and listed on Monday morning. We had 3 viewings per day Monday through Friday, had an offer on Friday, and signed off on Saturday. When the market is slow your house can be sitting on the market for months, but desirable properties can move extremely quickly.

    They do tend to make it appear as though they're moving a lot quicker though for the excitement of it all. That's TV for you.

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    I've seen inconsistencies in that show, it's really not that simple.

    I have seen a man and woman looking for a house before their wedding, and in one scene the woman has her wedding ring on while sitting at her computer while looking up listings. In an up-close shot, her wedding ring is off and it's just the engagement ring, and you can even see an indent from her taking it off!

    The show even taped a live snippet from their real wedding, but they tried to make it seem like they found their house before the wedding... when they obviously did not.

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    No, it takes longer than the 1 hour you see on TV. Its called "the magic of TV". You have no idea if it took one week or 6 months to finish one episode.

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