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Do I need a gmail account for an android?

I have a google account that is synced to my YouTube but I don't use gmail, will I have to if I get an android? Also can you move widgets and icons to any home screen you want or do they have to stay on a specific home screen? (looking to get the DROID Bionic)

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    You need a gmail account for Android phones, but Gmail will receive email from other providers, ie yahoo, hotmail, etc. Set up your account and add additional email accounts that you want to run through gmail and you will get them all. You don't have to change your email address to use a gmail account.

    You can move widgets anywhere you want on any screen. You can add widgets and delete widgets you don't use. Press and hold the widget and it will vibrate and turn 'ghost' like. Then it's movable to drag to other screens. If you don't want it, just drag it to the trash can. If you want to add one, press and hold in blank space on your screen and a menu will pop up with both Motorola (on droid) and Android widget options.

    Source(s): On my 2nd Android phone, currently have the Droid X. Would love the Droid Bionic if I were up for a new contract.
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    I just got a android tablet must I have a gmail account to get emails

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    Yeap you would need to have a google gmail account for android cell phones (Droids). You can customize icons and move it to any of pages (home screens)

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    Go on and see if you have a Google account (you may, or may not). You can create one when you start your Android phone for the first time, or you can use existing Google account.

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