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Buddhists: Is Mara trying to disturb my meditation?

Ok so I have been meditating for a long time, practising anapana-sati, and once I was on the brink of dhyana (this helped give me complete faith in the triple-gem and aided my meditation practice), but now it feels as though there is a force trying to prevent me from abiding in the higher realms, when I meditate I can often feel a negative presence trying to draw my focus away from my breathing (if I focus on this I can see all sorts of nightmarish images in the darkness, it's as though the gates of hell have opened right in front of me) and although I try to ignore it, things keep happening to me. After I practised meditation yesterday I had a nap and had a very vivid dream of... it's hard to talk about, but honestly the dream was about having sex with my mother. And today after an intense meditation session I... soiled myself... for the first time in my adult life. Is Mara attacking me? It feels as though there are forces trying to hinder and humiliate me, to stimulate my emotions and disturb my peace of mind, I assume this is because I'm getting close to liberation.

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    To take Mara literally is an aspect closer to a religious one than a spiritual.

    Mara is still YOU. That is something you need to understand from the get-go. The purpose of achieving liberation and enlightenment is to see yourself in all things and the world.

    No Buddha that ever existed would say that they 'destroyed' their anger or their negativity. Perhaps merely that they had conquered it, and in such a fashion that it no longer controlled what they felt or thought, or how they would perform their actions.

    If you really are on the brink of a breakthrough, you need to be in the hands of a master, for we accept that community is a source of strength.

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    Why would someone who is a level 3 account with an obvious understanding of various cultural and religious concepts post such drivel? Seriously!

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    Yet you are getting distracted again, and way too obsessed about liberation and stuff. Just stay firm and keep practicing.

    And your dream is pretty sick BTW

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    your understanding is not at the level required for you to deal with these issues, find a good teacher to help you understand or your health will deteriorate

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