What are the similarities and differences between Norse and Greek gods?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Norse gods are far better than the Greeks.


    Both had a sky god (Zeus, Thor)

    Both had a ruler (Odin, Zeus)

    Both had their own separate realm (Asgard, Olympus)

    Both had a goddess of love and beauty (Freyja, Aphrodite)

    Both had a queen of marriage (Frigga, Hera)

    Both had a trickster god (Loki, Hermes)

    Both had an underworld (The Underworld, Helheim)

    Both had a creation myth

    Both were full of mythological beasts

    Both had connections with the rainbow (Iris, the Bifrost Bridge)


    Norse had a god of evil (Loki)

    Greeks were relatively peaceful

    Norse were more battle prone

    Norse had an end of the world prophecy

    Greeks moved on to Rome

    Norse had nine realms (Yggdrasil)

    Greeks had three (Olympus, Earth, and The Underworld)

    Norse had a goddess of death (Hela)

    Greeks had a god of death (Thanatos)

    Greek predecessors were the Titans

    Norse predecessors was the giant Ymir

    Norse didn't have a select council of gods, Greeks did

    There are many more, but it would take a long time to list them. I hope this helped.

    -Loki, god of lies and mischief

    Source(s): I AM a Norse god, Loki.
  • 9 years ago

    Two quite different mythologies, similar in that there are several gods and goddesses in constant battle.

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    9 years ago

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