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Can my girlfriend still get pregnant after 8yr of using not the pill. but that thing you put inside of female ?

Please help. I need help

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    What thing – a intrauterine device, female condom, copper T, Diaphragm, Nuvo ring, depo injection, implant? All the things I mentioned are temporary contraceptives. Most women use a contraceptive method until they’re ready to have a child – it does not affect their fertility once they stop using it. Women wouldn’t use them if they did. If she has a intrauterine device or implant she has to have it removed first. It can take a few months for fertility to return once you stop using some hormonal contraception’s, like the depo injection, however her age is more relevant to her fertility than how long she has been on contraception. The older a woman is the less fertile she becomes. Many people have trouble conceiving, it is not linked to previouse contraception use. Problem falling preganat are just as likely to be fertility problem with the man as it is with the woman. Speak to your doctor if you'r having trouble getting pregnant or have been trying for more than a year. It takes the average couple six months of trying to get pregnant.

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    Try and relax, stress helps nothing, trust me. Yes she can if it didn't damage anything, all the best

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