Can I lay linoleum over ceramic tile?

I have multiple cracked tiles throughout my kitchen and entry way due to the concrete pad that is cracked. Built the place 4 years ago and had cracks in the first year. Tiles cracked in not time and with each season they open and close which is why I don't want to mess with replacing them. I am thinking about laying linoleum right over the tile but first laying out luan plywood to level out the floor (cover grout lines). Will this work? Any moister issues? Should I glue the luan down or just lay it out? Thanks!


The tiles are pretty level as it is. I was going to put luan down first so I figured that would level out. I don't plan on staying in this but for another year. I'm looking for cheap and fast!

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    look into a floating vinyl floor for a short term repair. it has a foam insulating pad that lays down first, the the vinyl goods lay over that. no gluing at all. the base and shoe moldings hold the floor down. the pad will hide the imperfections.

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    Linoleum Over Tile

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    I just got doing my bathroom this weekend. You will have to remove ALL of the old subfloor and replace it with new subfloor and 1/4 inch luan. It will be a pain in the behind, I hurt all over; but if you want to only do it once the right way, don't skip corners.

    I went with linoleum tiles because they are flexible, and some of the new ones at Home Depot are able to take a 1/8 inch grout as well. They even feel like stone! But you will cut down on the weight of the foundation and have a floor that MOVES with the movements of the house, and will not crack.

    Get an old saw and start cutting out the old subfloor, and replace it with 3/4 plywood.

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    I think that there should be a way to do that, if you want linoleum. I wouldn't think it would be so different from laying the linoleum right on the concrete, although I don't know how uneven your tiles are, or what kind they are. You could level out with that self-leveling concrete also, I would think.

    Have you considered concrete overlay? They may be able to pour it over the tile. The thin layer they put on top is more flexible than actual concrete. I have a huge crack in my concrete slab, and the overlay over it has not cracked at all.

    I have a pic of my concrete overlay floor in my blog.

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    do not lay linoleum over tiles. eventually the grout lines will show through.

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