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The Obama-Osama mystery?

Is it true that Obama is the antichrist? He nicknames his limosuine the "beast" and the winning lottery ticket in illinois was 6669 on the day of his election, 666 is the number of the beast and 9 is god's judgement number?

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    The anti christ will have a twin brother and they will each unite half the world in a peace lasting 3 years. So as long as there is a single war in the world.... nobody can yet be the anti christ

  • Obama and Osama are working together and have now taken over the USA. Because of all the blacks that got excited for a yellow president. This also proves that atheists are working with Muslims to destroy the nation under the one true god.

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  • No. The word on the street is that it's the Republican god Rush Limbaugh, though.

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    Well if he is that would make you Americans (more) stunningly stupid because you voted him into the top role in the country.

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    You can troll better than this.

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    yeah, not so much

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