What are some Alice and Wonderland remake books?

I've read the Looking Glass Wars and I loved it. I really wanna read more Alice and Wonderland remakes. Know any?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Alice Through the Needle's Eye by Gilbert Adair

    Great use of language and the illustrations are very like those of Teniel's - Brilliant book!

    "The story begins with Alice busily talking to herself as she continuously tries to thread a needle through. To her dismay she continues to fail at this and she takes an extremely close look when she finds herself gliding through the air in an unknown world. She mentions how it was December at her previous whereabouts and how in Needle's Eye World it seemed to have a pleasant summer-ish feel to the place. When she finally falls to the ground she is cushioned by a haystack. When she emerges, she hears a distant call for "'elp". Alice soon discovers that they were the small whimpers of a the Country Mouse, who believes that she is a comet. The Country mouse hereafter befriends Alice and informs her that she is not in a haystack, but an A-stack, or rather a messy pile of A's. She spots a few spelling bees, makes her way out of the haystack and continues in the direction of which she recalls seeing a beach from when she was flying"

  • glise
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    3 years ago

    I disagree with you. as properly, this action picture will in all danger stick greater alongside the e book storyline, as damaging to the caricature which made it... a caricature. It has an excellent forged and Tim Burton quite has his way of springing up video clips interesting. He has a undeniable form, and that i thoroughly understand in case you don't rejoice with it. i think of that's going to be surprisingly good nonetheless!

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