Does rotation matter in Basketball?

When I shoot a jump shot, the ball doesn't seem to spin almost at all for me. When I can make it spin, it's a very inaccurate shot. What does rotation do? Can someone explain that to me? Should I just keep shooting the way I shoot, without any rotation? It's more accurate if I shoot it without rotation. Also, if anyone has any tips on rotating it better, that'd be awsome. I've searched how to give the ball rotation, but when I finally do, it's like 70% inaccurate, 30% beutiful swish. Thank you to anyone who can help me with this question.

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    If you mean rotation like as in backspin on the ball when you shoot than it doesn't really matter. If your shot goes in without it than that is okay. A lot of players use the backspin because they might shoot too hard and the backspin helps the ball go in with its resistance from the spin. Players who do not use it tend to swish and because they have good accuracy. I personally as a basketball player do not use the backspin because with the arch in my shot it is unnecessary.

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  • If the ball is going in, it doesn't matter. For most people, rotation is done for a few reasons: 1) to give themselves a higher percentage of making the shot and 2) that is how they were taught.


    Spinning the ball comes naturally with proper form. I don't know about your form and technique, so I can't really help there. Just let the ball roll off your fingertips when shooting, and you should get some spin on the ball.

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    I don't use spin and i average 14 PPG. Just do what works for you. The people that answered this question before me don't know about rotation or what it's meant for. People put rotation on the ball because if the ball hits the tip of the rim it's either going to spin in, or it's going to bounce the ball at an angle of straight down that way the ball doesn't bounce out. That's why you put spin on a ball.

    But like i said, i don't use it, and nobody i know uses it.

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    you ought to have a backspin and it could be rapidly, no longer twisting to the two factor. To artwork on that shot, shoot with in basic terms your dominant or capturing hand close to to the basket and quite concentration on the spin. it is going to take time. additionally i do no longer understand for the reason that i won't be able to confirm your shot in spite of the undeniable fact that it might no longer be spinning rapidly because of the fact your non dominant hand or non capturing hand is pushing the ball off your capturing hand. as quickly as you upload your non dominant hand back into prepare ensure it is rapidly, incredibly your thumb.

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