Is the Subaru Legacy a good first car?

For a first car, how is it? I'm getting a used car, and i think that for the $15k i am able to spend, it is a good choice that should be pretty cheap to insure compared to my other choices (2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe, 2004 Nissan 350Z Convertible, etc) My parents like how it is a "normal" car and not a high performance car. I am looking a 2005-2008ish Subaru Legacy's, and i will most likely get the one i have my eye on, a 2006 2.5 GT w/ and auto tranny. How long do they last in general? I know the previous owner did all service on the car as needed (Oil changes, tires, other basic service) The one i want has 86k miles, leather, navi, fully loaded for $13k. Will it last me 5 years and about 75k more miles? The alternative is a 2005 Legacy 2.5 GT Limited w/ leather, manual tranny, but no navigation. This one is only $6k, but it has 145k miles. Are Legacys known to reach 220k miles? The 05 has the color i want, the manual tranny i want, the rear spoiler i want for $6k, but it has high mileage. Which one is better, or are these cars not reliable?

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    9 years ago
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    I have an 05 LGT limited. I love my car, fun to drive, only at around 67K miles myself. I suggest you do some reading on for some more information about the car. There will be some potential issues that you'll want to look into. I'll rattle off a few:

    1) The tires that come with it suck. Bridgestone Potenza RE92. GET RID OF THEM.

    2) Brakes can be too mushy for some people. Personally, it never bothered me. Just make sure you replace the stock brake pads (made by Hitachi). They are horrible, and will leave pad deposits on your rotors under any sort of aggressive driving. As for mushiness, there are ways to reduce the mushiness.

    3) You will hear all sorts of annoying/weird rattles inside the car coming from the dash and/or roof/walls/doors. It's hard to fix them. Solution? Track them down one by one and take apart whatever needs fixing and put it back together. OR... turn up the radio. Guess which one I did? ;)

    4) If you get the manual, you'll find that the transmission is kind of... notchy. Not very smooth. And the shift from 2-3 has a tendency to grind. If your synchros start going bad, that is frequently the first to go.

    5) Clutch pedal is pretty damn heavy, even when I had the stock clutch. I've since upgraded to aftermarket, and it's even heavier.

    There are a lot of pluses to the car though

    1) Easy to upgrade

    2) Fast (easily upgraded to STi speeds)

    3) Kind of sleeper, not very flashy

    4) Cheap to insure (compared to a WRX)

    5) Despite the rattles, inside feels like an upscale car if you get the leather and maintain it

    6) TONS of support for EVERYTHING you can imagine on the LGT website!

    7) TONS of support from manufacturers and tuners.

    8) TONS of parts available

    9) AWD - less likely to get stuck in snow. Not impossible, it can still happen, especially if you get high centered! But still, a great car.

    I can't attest to how long your car will last. From my experience on the LGT forums, it varies quite a bit. Some people have had their turbos blowing rather quickly. Some haven't... It's pretty mixed. I'm sorry, wish I could give you a better answer than that.

    Good luck though, hope to see you on the LGT forums with a new ride!

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  • 9 years ago

    They are great cars, you can run a Ru into the ground before it dies. The AWD system in Subaru is one of the best, stick isnt great for a first car you should learn your surroundings before your fiddling with your stick. get the auto its the better option and it has less miles but they will run to at least 250k miles

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  • 9 years ago

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