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What do you want to name your family?

1. You're at the grocery store and you accidently hit someone. You look up and you two fall in love instantly. He takes you on a date that night. What do you do?

2. What's his name?

Anthony Vincent -- He's italian and comes from a large family of 8 kids. He also wants a large family. You two live in a small town in New Jersey that it right on the water. He works for a boating service. He wants more boys than girls but if he got more girls, then he wouldn't mind. He is mostly busy with his job and when he comes home, he just likes to relax. But, when the kids go to bed you two have your alone time. He has black hair and dark brown eyes that look almost black.

Robbie Shawn -- He's in a band and it's always been one of his dreams to be in a famous band. While he's not practicing to be in a band, he's a librarian. He's very smart. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wants three boys.

Zachary Jacob -- He has black hair and green eyes. He's a sweetheart. He's always been a favorite of everyone's in high school. He's romantic and would give everything up for you and your kids. He wants two girls and two boys. He lives on a ranch, and loves riding horses. He even has a business where he teaches kids how to ride a horse.

Nathan Patrick -- He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is also a sweetheart. He loves to teach people new things and help others before he puts himself first. He wants a large family of five kids. He is a fire fighter. He loves to make romantic dates for just you two and he also likes to take the family out to dinner sometimes.

3. Now to find out what your kids are going to be like...

If you chose Anthony Vincent....

You have 9 kids!

Four girls and five boys!

-- One of the girls names is E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ N. (It doesn't have to be that many letters.) And her middle name begns with an A.

-- Another girls name is the same as your mom's and her middle name is the same as your birth month.

-- Another girls first name either begins with R, Y, U, L or I. And her middle name begins with one of those letters also.

-- Another girls first name is either Isabella, Willow, Valerie or Katie ( Not Katherine, just Katie). And her middle name is either Ann, Marie, Rose, Sierra or Jane.

-- The oldest boys first name is either...

Are you wearing any jewelry right now?

Yes -- William

No -- Victor. His middle name is the same as your fathers.

-- Another boys name is after your favorite singer. (First and middle name)

-- Another boys name begins with G. His middle name either John, Zachary or Robert.

-- He has to have the same initials as his father.

-- His initials are T.D


If you chose Robbie Shawn ....

You have three boys!

-- His first name is a name your absolutely hate on a boy. And his middle name is a unisex name.

-- His first name is after one of the band members of your favorite band. His middle name is either Cletus, Rudabay or Taco.

-- His first name begins with a V and it has to be weird. His middle name begins with F and it also has to be a name you would never name your kid.


If you chose Zachary Jacob...

You have two girls and two boys!

-- The first girls name is your favorite name on a girl and her middle name is Laura.

-- The second girls first name is your best friends middle name and her middle name is a nature name.

-- The first boys name is your favorite name on a boy. And his middle name is after your brother. (If you don't have any brothers, then use Phillip for his middle name)

-- The second boys first name begins with an R and his middle name is a popular name in 2011.


If you chose Nathan Patrick...

You have five kids! Two girls and three boys!

-- The girls are twins and both of their names have to rhyme. Their middle names are a flower.

-- The boys are all triplets. You can pick their names but they all have to begin with the same letter. Their middle names also have to begin with the same letter.


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    Oooh, fun! (:

    1. We go out to eat at Olive Garden near the beach, then walk on the beach at night.

    2. Nathan Patrick.

    Twins: Reagen Acacia and Megan Dahlia.

    Boys: Tyler Samuel, Timothy Shawn, and Travis Sawyer.

  • 10 years ago

    Anthony Vincent sounds perfect<3

    Emersyn Annabelle

    Shannon November

    Lia Rose

    Isabella Jane

    William Scott

    Taylor Alan

    Greyson Robert

    Aidan Vincent

    Tanner Dominic

    "Emmie, Annie, Lia, Bella, Will, Ty, Grey, Danny & Tanner"

  • Alana
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    10 years ago

    1. We go to the theater to see the Phantom of the Opera

    2. Anthony Vincent

    3. Evelyn Ariana

    Christine March

    Yasmin Racquel

    Valerie Jane

    Victor Laurence

    Isaac Edward (The Fray)

    Grayson Zachary

    Adam Vin

    Toby Declan

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    1. We go out to dinner and take a walk on the beach.

    2. Nathan Patrick.

    3. Miranda Lily and Cassandra Rose.

    4. James Andrew, John Alexander, and Joshua Adam.


    "Mia, Cassie, James, Jack, and Josh."

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I chose Zachary Jacob,

    Marleigh Laura

    Lavern Rain

    Axel Charles

    Roxas Edward

  • R
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    10 years ago

    Go for dinner

    Nathan Patrick

    Arabella Lilly

    Isabella Poppy

    Leo Austin

    Lucas Aaron

    Liam Aiden

    Bella, Issy, Leo, Luke, Liam.

  • 10 years ago

    1. We go to the beach and have a picnic then take a walk at sunset

    2. Nathan Patrick

    3. Ella Rose and Bella Violet

    Austin Carter, Aydenn Christopher, and Alexander Cole

  • Me
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    10 years ago

    1. Go out to dinner

    2. Nathan Patrick

    3. Kaylee Rose and Hayley Violet

    4. Kade Matthew, Kolton Matteo, and Kaleb Maddox

  • 10 years ago

    We go to the park for a walk in the snow

    Zachary Jacob

    Anna Laura

    Katherine Rosie

    William David

    Raymond Alexander

  • 10 years ago

    Nathan Patrick

    Brienna Lily and Makenna Rose

    Cole Spencer, Carter Samuel, and Camden Shane


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