how come when you bring up Native American genocide?

people say get over it it was years ago. but when it come 9/11 use's make a big deal out of it. ya 3000 people died but thats noting compared to the 90 million Native Americans that were killed off. get over it.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You speak of the genocide as if were past tense. it is still going on.

    native people are under constant attack by greedy corporations and government . all for the convinces of americans and canada and other European countries. they forcfuly relocate nnaties so they can mine and drill. they pollute the water that they do not use up that is the drinking water for the tribe. they doze uo grave yards and sacred sites/ they poison livestock and people with toxic waste and uranium waste from mines . and towns have been caught dumping their untreated sewarge in tribal wter resorces used for domistice perpuses.

    hunderds of native children die every year from cancers caused by mining and drilling corprate pollution. bell farms suckered the government appointed concil to force a sactory pig farm = three thousand pigs in one building on to rosebud reservation. one forth mail from their daycare /head start building. when the women protested this the goernor sent in swat teams with asult rifels to arrest the women some who were pregnant and rtreated them roughly. all they did was hold up signs. and they were unarmed.

    the government for onehunderd years took children by force from their familes and communties and put them in death / touture/ rape camps called boarding schools where they were severly punished for speaking one word of their native languge they will not even return their bodies of those murdered in those hellish places. they make torrist dollars from the grave yards where( the little savages are buried) = a remark i overheard while visiting carlisle school. they say get over it.

    some of us will get over it when all non=indians are gone from our land.

    daddy bush launched his own attacks on the native population in the 70s with his covert sterilization of native women.

    george washington and andrew jackson paid whites to hunt down native women and children and murder them. they commanded that pregnant women be ripped open to assure that their unborn babies did not survive.

    when the good christian methods minister john Chevington led a sneak attack on black kettles village that the army ordered to can on sand creek , he and his men raped women and children of all ages before smaching their heads. they mulated the women by cutting out their privats for hat bands and scalped babies alive for saddle decorations and displaied featuses in salons as war trophies.

    these good christian women lined the streets along with their maggots(chilldren) and cheered them on as heros.

    th same tactices were used at bear river to rape the women and girls. they broke their arms and legs so they coud not fight off their rapist. the little girls they cut their privates open for a better fit and raped them till they bled to death. (good old custer and the 7th) your american heros.)

    your puritans were good for crimes of the same nature and they were susposed to be pure? i bet they made Jesus want to puke.

    the real story of wounded knee is the people were disarmed before the army opened fire on mostly women children and old people. and lured little children of of hiding by promissing them they would no be harmed. them they haked them to peices. there are many more historical recorded of crimes against humanity commited by the europian invaders.

    they still target native people in rservation border town like white clay gallup grants farmington and others. well into the 19oos they used native people as target pratice just for shopping in their stinking towns and spent their money. for over priced garbage.

    every year hundreds of native women and children are still kidanpped and raped and murdered by White predtors who stalk resorvations . the tribes are not allowed to even arrest them . and the feds are too busy diong it themselves to bother investigating these crimes or prosicuting the offenders.

    native men are shot down and or beaten to death by racist cops all the time. it rarely makes the news .

    there are so many things wite people are unaware of and would not even care about it they did so they say get over it. i say NEVER. you can forgive where their is remorse but with white people they think they are entitled what ever they please

    Source(s): in touch with tribal people in colonized countries world wide. the usa is sponcering genocide in south america fo entire native tribes so they can drill and mine and log also involved are canacd uk france and swiss corprate intrest. their hired killers are trained at fort benning ga
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    Im of local ancestry. plenty of Native individuals are Christian via alternative or upbringing. However in plenty of areas christianity is, and was once pressured onto individuals. i do not consider it is a blessing that individuals had been inflamed, massacred, enslaved, raped, or exploited. i do consider this is a blessing for white individuals that such a lot of natives are christian and feature forgiveness in any other case we could purge you from this turtle island with a swiftness. edit: "Look on the Native Americans, the historical individuals of Mexico, just like the Mayan and Incas" natives are nonetheless right here bro. mayan/nahuatl make up one of the vital biggest indigenous populations in mexico. the inca are compromised of alternative tribes just like the ashanka, ashuar, witoto, shuarika, ect. they did not dissapear, simply assimilated. do not suppose the hype we're nonetheless right here.

  • Vegito
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    10 years ago

    During the trail of tears 2500-6000 Native Americans died and it is a terrible thing but 9/11 got more media attention thats why people consider it more important.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    9/11 happened just 10 years ago..

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Native Americans have no soul.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    90 million? The indian population was no where near that. What Marxist crap have you been reading?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Who says that?

    I have never heard anyone say that.

  • 10 years ago

    90 million Natives didn't die, idiot. There weren't even many when the Europeans colonized.

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