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Who among us is Truly "Greedy" - Those who want to keep what they earn, or those who seek to take it?

Liberals LOVE to tell us they support raising taxes on the "GREEDY" rich and "redistribute it.

However, what is Greed?

Wanting to keep more of what you earn?


Wanting to confiscate wealth from others ?


If you complain about the "Greedy" rich yet want to take for yourself what you have not earned, you are devoid of principle and display a level of hypocrisy that is truly astounding.

This is NOT about the tax rate, but instead; where the confiscated wealth goes.

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    Refusing to take responsibility for oneself and then expecting other people to give up what they earn to support you, thats greedy.

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    There is nothing "charitable" about coercing others to be charitable for you. No matter how much one tells themselves otherwise.

    I see no real moral difference between those who make billions from the middle class, in a dubious manner and those who want to take it from rich, in an equally dubious manner. Except for the level of sophistication involved in the theft. It you are rich and earned it honestly, you are just like me, but were better at what you do, and I don't resent that.

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    "Greed" is not a matter of mere amounts of money. Individuals like Ted Turner and Bill Gates are worth billions, but they also give away billions and own/control corporations that employ thousands of people.

    As an example of greed, we might take the case of the two individuals who started the aftermarket car-repair insurance business a few years ago.

    They took in millions of dollars, and funneled it all into their own lifestyles, buying huge mansions, large numbers of cars and boats, etc, etc. Almost none of it went back into the business, so thousands of customers found that their claims were not paid and that they had no recourse.

    Had these folks managed their business in a responsible way, everyone would have been happy, but they chose to just rake in and spend all the money.

    In an equitable society, all (or most) must contribute to the common good. We all need things like roads and electrical grids and a military and so forth. Having citizens contribute to the common good with a percentage of their income seems equitable...

    I don't think anyone is proposing "taking away" the accumulated wealth of the well-to-do, but it does not seem unreasonable that folks worth millions and billions should contribute to the common good at a higher percentage rate than say, a fry cook at McDonalds.

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    true greed is having more than you can use and wanting the rest. i do think that everyone should pay 10% of profit period. i don't advocate the kings dole for the weak and stupid. surely if someone like warren buffet can see something is wrong with the way our tax system works we should try to fix it. as far as what any politician says about this they are only parroting what they are told by the people that line their pockets republican and democrat alike. i still believe we should fire them all and replace them off the lists of the least we would be doing something positive about jobs and we couldn't possibly get worse than we already have.

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    The something for nothing crowd.

    Did you ever run into a "Hippie", who didn't have (all the answers, but still somehow) their hand out, and their mouth open?

    Reminds me of squawking baby birds in a nest with Momma regurgitating half digested worms & bugs down their little throats.

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    Yes, we middle class are really greedy! Just look at how stingy we are as the money in the country keeps getting transferred to the upper 5% of the economy at rates three times our class. Meanwhile, those in that top 5% pay slightly less than half what we do in taxes.

    It isn't greed that makes you want to keep all your money for yourself. It's selfishness and complete ignorance of what a country is and how it has to run. The truth is that you probably wouldn't object at all to paying taxes to support the military. You just don't want any of it to go to the poor.

    I guess you must not know anybody who has lost their job in the last 3 years and been unable to get a new one. You probably don't believe it when we tell you that there are currently 5 applicants for every available job. You think the other 4 just aren't trying hard enough and that the jobs really are out there. And you don't care at all that the supposedly holier-than-thou wealthy pay slightly over half as much in taxes as you do.

    You probably blame the baby boomers because they didn't die soon enough to avoid taking money from you.

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    You can't use logic on liberals. They are children. They only see that others have more than they do and see that as unfair. So they vote for people that will take money from these people and give it to them. They are the takers of society.

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    Those that would share the wealth, but not the labor and the sacrifice.

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    Greed is wanting to take from others simply because you have less.

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    Nope this is about millionaire bankers and millionaires on wall street that screwed up the economy and the average Joe had to bail them out.

    Now when we need to pay down the debt they want to do it on the backs of the working class and sit on the sidelines counting their money.

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