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What manga should i read next?

Mangas i have read:

Top 5:

- One piece

- Bleach

- Black cat

- Rurouni kenchin

- Fairy tail


- Historys strongest disciple

- Veritas

- Soul Eater

- Naruto

- Beelzebub

- Shaman king

- Hunter x hunter

- The breaker

- The breaker new waves


- Psyren

I like all of them alot, and i whould like to get some more mangas ^^,

4 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    ohh you read the breaker? good stuff lol it's been a while since i met someone who knew about it

    Tenjo Tenge is really good and they made a 24 or 25 aepisode adaptation of it. though the manga goes way farther and it's completed. the few episodes start a bit slow but if you stick with it then really gets good. or just read the manga and not worry bout it

    Berserk is diffinitely tied for my favorite manga. its also the first manga i ever read. theres too much stuff i could say about this manga and it also has a an anime adap of the earlier chapters. the first couple volumes or story ark for the manga has artwork thats good but the author got really polished with it in the later chapters. all i can say is to read up a summery and give try. it gets real deep with the tragedy and action and the whole story is amazing.

    Sun Ken Rock is the reason why i might have to tie it with berserk as my favorite. here is a summery from that i think helps best describe the manga:

    "Sun-ken Rock is a seinen series that blends comedy and a mature realistic side like no other series I've read. Just by reading a single volume you can tell this series has so much potential to be one of the best reads out there. The beautiful artwork really stands out as you read about Ken who is in love with Yumin but cannot reveal to her that he is the head of a local gang."

    i stumbled on this while looking for something new to read a week ago and was not disappointed

    its funny but with so much badassness and the hero is almost like a god. i really suggest giving this manga a try. the first 5 or six chapters are a starter with a bit more on the humor side but the story really gets into gear after.

    Source(s): mangafox or spectrum nexus or animeA.manga
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Try Full Metal Alchemist, Air Gear and Elfen Lied

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  • 9 years ago

    Inu Yasha

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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