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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 9 years ago

Getting through Pottermore chapter five?

I'm on the first scene - Arriving at Diagon Alley - of chapter five book 1 in Pottermore, and I can't seem to get through to the next area. Apparently I have to click something to get me through but I have no idea what it is. Help please? 5 star rating for most helpful answer :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like you haven't been to Gringott's yet. To get there, double-click (or use the up key) to zoom in, and the people will part so you can see further down the street. Do it again until you're zoomed all the way in, then click on the door to Gringotts (there's a goblin stood by it, I think). Once you're in there, you go on to the next moment, which lets you open an account and gives you 500 galleons. You can then use this to buy the things you need.

    When you get to the third moment, Harry Goes Shopping (I think), you will need to buy everything on your list, apart from your wand, which you get in the next moment, and your robes, which you should already have. To buy what you need, click on the shops to enter them.

    If I remember rightly, you need everything from the bookshop, but you only need a few things from the potion supplies place, so you don't need to buy everything if you don't want to. Some of the shops (like the ice cream place), are locked, because Harry didn't go in to them in the first book.

    Oh, and choose your pet wisely when you get it, it becomes your avatar and you can't change it.

    Hope that helps, and happy Pottering!

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  • 3 years ago

    do no longer situation, it extremely isn't any longer you. Pottermore has in basic terms released chapters a million-4. financial ruin 5 and previous hasn't been released to completely all human beings yet. Pottermore reported they are going to be released in 3 installments "interior the appearance weeks". regardless of if, this substitute into quite much 2 months in the past, so no one is conscious for specific. optimistically they are going to be out quickly. yet all we are able to do for now could be wait.

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  • You have to buy everything, apart from the wand, first. When you have done that, it says something like 'Congratulations, you have unlocked the next part!' or something like that. After this comes up, you press the arrow near the middle, that says 'Diagon Alley South Side'.

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