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    I want to dedicate myself to the work relating accounting which consist of

    ability to cope with matters independently and neutral attitude.

    With clear thinking , I could scrutinize financial data and analyze

    information from sheet and give advice precisely concerning cash flow .

    In addition, Eliminating the waste is the top priority.

    I'm equipped with sensibility of figures and I can predict future event based on

    past information . Last but not least, I would make the appropriate plan according to enterprise sustainable management.

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    Future hope can engaged in company accounting of duties, must to has can independent job of ability, can keep neutral objective of attitude, audit all kinds of financial data, clear of thinking ability, analysis all kinds of financial report expression of information, made specific useful of controlled tube way, controlled tube cash outflow and inflow, saves does not necessary of spent, and be has on digital of keen of, can from past of information, speculated future of financial situation, in Enterprise continues to operating of principles Xia, made conducive to enterprise of best decision.

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