what are some really cute halloween costumes?

me and my friend are going together, im 14 girl and we wanted to maybe be matching like idk indians or something cute like sailors idk please thanks or something funny like pac man with the sheets cuz were gnna go with more people

thanks :)

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    Ugh, please do your very best to avoid "sexy" Halloween costume for girls your age seeing as they do nothing more than to sell sex appeal to a younger audience (which is wrong) and are vastly overrated. A neat idea for a Halloween group costume would be to all go as heroines from Tim Burton films. They're creepy, pale but strong, brave, and good role models for young girls. There's Lydia from Beetlejuice-you can try looking at screencaps to see some of her many outfits and see which one you or whoever is going to be Lydia likes and see what you can make from that. Her main look is a black and floaty dress with a black coat and a high black ponytail. This can be easily found at a thrift, vintage, or department store. Her face is very pale so try to make your face look a few shades paler but don't use white-face makeup because it looks really tacky and cartoony. Victoria and Emily from Corpse Bride- they just have one main outfit (except for Victoria who has a wedding dress towards the end). They sell a retail Emily costume at most Halloween stores which is easy to find but if you want to be more creative, you can rip up an old wedding gown and use fabric paint to do the blue swirls. Emily would have to require blue body die and blue hair dye or a wig which would be really fun. You can find some fake withered blue roses for the bouquet and hair wreath that goes with the veil. Victoria is a little more difficult and would probably have to be custom made by someone who knows how to sew but there may be a chance you can find something similar to her wedding dress at a vintage or thrift store. It's a plain white Victorian dress with a high collar and long puffed sleeves. Like Lydia, she is very pale but not white-face pale and has her hair up in a pretty brown bun. She has the same bouquet as Emily made up of withered roses so it's kind of like a twin thing. There's Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and they sell a retail Sally costume which is really easy to find at most Halloween stores. You'll need a red straight wig and the green body die and stitches would be really fun to experiment with. And finally there's Kim from Edward Scissorhands who has a gorgeous white 60s styled dress which can be found at a vintage/thrift store and altered to look a little more like her. If you or whoever's going as Kim doesn't have light ginger/strawberry blonde hair, you might need a wig and some plain white heels to top the outfit off. If Tim Burton isn't really your thing and you want to go a more creepier, sinister route you could go as creepy girls from horror films which offer a little more of a variety. There's Esther from Orphan which has many beautiful old-fashioned dresses you can probably find something similar to in the uniform section of Land's End or a vintage/thrift store. She always wears red velvet ribbons around her wrist and neck to cover her scars so don't forget those and to tie your hair in two pigtails or curl them up with a little hairbow. If you want to play around with fake weapons, you can bloody up your dress and carry around a bloodied plastic hammer. There's Samara from the Ring which is really fun to play around with. She's got really long black, tangled hair that covers her face and ghost white skin. She wears a white, short-sleeved nightdress and has bare feet. Rhoda from The Bad Seed's got really girly, frilled dress from the 1950s and blonde braids. Don't forget to carry around some matches and act as sickeningly sweet as possible. Alessa from Silent Hill's got a really simple outfit consisting of a white collared shirt, a navy sweater, and a navy skirt. Since there's two of you, you can go as the creepy twins from The Shining with pretty matching blue dresses, some fake blood, and a prop ax. Wednesday Addams isn't exactly a horror character but she's pretty creepy and malevolent, she wears a black collared dress and has dark brown/black braids. It would be a nice contrast to the more colorful yet equally sinister Rhoda Penmark who also has braids. Then there's the two sisters from the Korean horror film, A Tale of Two Sisters that wear bloodied ivory nightgowns. The older one has shoulder-length hair and the younger one has a bob-cut.

    So there you go, you can go as Tim Burton girls or horror movie girls for Halloween with your friend. Any two from the category will do. Hope you liked the variety. =)

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    I had a couple friends dress up as people from their favorite TV shows or bands, the rainbow (having seven different people dress up in different colors) and like pairs of things that go together like a monkey and a banana or milk and cookies. Also i was at Walmart and i saw costumes of Cesar and Venus so you guys can be Romans or like Jail breakers or something like that. My friends and I were going to dress up as hippies and rockers or something like that this year.

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    What your saying can be found as sexy cute. If your just trying to be cute, then maybe a Hippie, haha, You know, peace signs, circular glasses, or a pet cat or dog, get ears or something. Even a fairy can be cute. You know like a little tutu with little wings and a wand. Go to amazon.com, you can find ideas or shop there

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    You could Both Go as Santa Claus! or Big Fat Pumpkins Or You could be a Purple Jelly-Bean's And You're Friend Could be a Black Jelly-bean!

    Hope this Helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Mario and luigi

    Football players

    Baseball players

    The kardashian sisters haha

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