Information on hermit crabs and beta fish?

I have had a beta fish for 7 months then it died and i liked it but i want to know what they need for their tank and food and heat and stuff.... And i am thinking about getting a hermit crab, but i have read a lot of stuff but everything is different, what ould be a good "home" for it like what does it need for like water bowls, shells, heat temp., etc, Any help would be great! Thanks!(:

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    8 years ago
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    For the beta fish; make sure the water quality is good. They should eat commercial fish food. The temperature in their tank should not exceed 76 degrees.

    Sorry! I forgot the hermit crabs.

    The temperature in their cage shouldn't get lower than 75 degrees, with a constant humidity of at least 70%.

    A ten gallon tank would be suitable for your hermit crabs. Remember to get at least two hermit crabs, because they don't like to live alone. Make sure you keep extra shells in their cage. Sand should be used in their cage, but is you can't use it then coconut fiber is also suitable. Make sure they have lots of thing to climb on. They need water dishes, they obviously can't use a bottle. Make sure to leave room in the back of their cage to wander around. Never use tap water, or any water you wouldn't use for a fish tank. Make sure water dishes are not too deep, and always wash them. You also have to bathe your hermit crabs.

    Be careful while holding them, they'll pinch you if they're grumpy.

    Hope I Helped!

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  • Kitti
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    8 years ago

    I Know Animals is wrong. Betta fish are tropical fish and need their water to be at a constant 78-82 degrees F. 76 is pushing it, and anything lower is just unhealthy for them. For food, they eat pellets or flakes (depending on what the betta likes, some are picky) and a bloodworm once a week as a treat. A shelled pea can also be fed to a betta, as they're good for the digestion. It helps prevent and treat bloating.

    At minimum, a betta needs a 5 gallon tank with filter and heater. Live or silk plants make good decoration and provide the betta with a decent hiding and resting spot. No plastic plants, they can rip the fins. The tank also needs to cycle for 4-6 weeks before you add the fish to the tank. Here's a link for some info on cycling:

    Feeding can also depend on the betta. Generally, you want to feed it 3 pellets or 2-3 flakes twice per day. If the betta gets bloated from that (mine does) lower it to 2 a day. Don't feed them one day a week to allow their digestive tracts to clear out.

    Don't know about hermit crabs, though, sorry! :)

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  • bazile
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    3 years ago

    a million. bettas & hermits go in tanks, no longer cages. 2. the betta would get under pressure & flare on the hermit. our bettas flare at each and every thing. it would be suitable to maintain them separate. oh, and don't decrease than any condition positioned the crab interior the betta tank. --amanda--

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