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Could Amanda Knox escape from Italy?

From what I heard, under the law of Italy, Knox could win her appeal, and then that could be anulled by some kind of Italian supreme court.

This could be a solution to a problem.

They could let Amanda out on bail, then she sneaks out of Italy and comes back to the USA, before the next court appearance.

While this would be illegal, once she is in the USA the Americans could just not look for her, or not allow her to be extridited.

If she was in hiding, then she could not go on TV and embarress Italy, so Italy could just keep the bail money and forget about her. They have the man who killed Merdith in their prison.

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    No, once you are judged not guilty, you are free. You cant be tried again for the same crime.

    The Italians could just have Amanda murdered in prison.

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    Italian law is immensely tortuous and trials and subsequent appeals go on for ever. However it looks like the prosecutors are aware that if they release Knox she'll disappear back to America so the scenario seems unlikely.

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