Does the FDA do ANYTHING?

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease."

I've seen that on pretty close to every product i've ever seen and I use to work in a grocery store.

that means they haven't conducted any studies yet... get to it? they are just like the DMV they sit around all day and yell at you for simply asking a question.

Now they claim a single cartridge they had for an E-CIg had anti freeze... thats one single cartdrige? that seems to me someone planted that there.

But not only that they say they are all about saftey and try to ban products... that causes fear, stress, anxiety to every person under that Ban even if they never intended to use it, the idea is they are taking away our freedom of choice, if you want to make things safe put a "Specific" warning label to the part of the product that could be dangerous. not another vague "this product could kill you or cause birth defects" I want to know exactly what it is that is dangerous, Because I want to be able to look up the truth and not be told what to do BY the FDA.

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    The FDA is a very corrupt organization that gets huge amounts of money from drug companies, but the FDA relies on drug companies to be honest and evaluate their drugs and submit the results to the FDA for approvals. This is why Merck pharmaceutical killed about 160,000 people with VIOXX and continue to kill over 106,000 people each year with prescription drugs. Now, drug companies are making drugs for the so called "Disorders" that are evaluated with verbal and written questionnaires and NO physical tests. So they make the drugs to treat these made up phrases like "Bipolar, etc." The FDA approves them based on the drug companies tests.

    The people who run the FDA are appointed and come from drug companies typically. To give you a great example is Michael Taylor who was the lawyer and vice-presidennt of Monsanto who is owned by a pharmaceutical company. Micahel Taylor was put in charge as the "Food Czar" that makes the final determination if foods are safe. He declared ALL GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS as SAFE so now they do not need to be tested or labeled! So all the genetically modified foods being sold in America are NOT TESTED or LABELED. This is only happening in America! The rest of the world has rejected the garbage and even the restaurants in Europe advertise they do NOT SELL "FRANKEN FOODS" and the public has seen the testing done there and completely rejected the garbage that are being sold in America.

    YOU cannot trust the FDA to look out for your health in any way these days. They are attacking RAW MILK from grass fed cows in an aggressive way, but NO ONE has been harmed by RAW MILK from grass fed cows. The FDA is a worthless organization at the bidding of BIG MONEY, BIG PHARMA, and helping politicians to get money from BIG PHARMA. It's a revolving door and full of corruption, nothing more.

    EDIT: Here you go "TINK" a video for you and everyone here to watch about what "Bipolar" really is and how it is a "Made-up" phrase.

    Youtube thumbnail


    Drug companies simply wanted to expand their markets, so they have targeted CHILDREN and made psychiatrists seem legitimate by giving them the power to prescribe drugs. Tink, you need to get your head out of the sand and do some real research instead of just accepting the indoctrination that has been handed you. It's a big step I know, but do your homework and learn. Do you also actually believe the Cancer treatments are effective in America? Do you think organizations like the American Cancer Society are organized to really look for a "CURE" to cancer? Watch this video and learn some more:

    So you probably are taking on the view that Burnzynski is a quack that your medical buddies are touting. Watch the video again and tell us all here why his patients are being CURED! Explain that. You have to get educated dear and get your head out of the sand!

    good luck to you

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    I know that they put that on vitamin products because they make more money getting people to buy drugs, which they do work on approving and disapproving... They say "it's difficult to regulate vitamin companies"... In some ways, I actually agree, some companies lie about the concentrations of vitamins they have in their products... When I worked in the vitamin's department at a health food store, they said that the FDA is "trying to create their own vitamins, which they approve of..." I don't know, sometimes I think it's to support the idea that there's not much we can actively do about diseases, "don't take vitamins, just take a drug after you have the disease", I don't know, it just seems like that... I will say that I was happy that they took a certain herb off the shelf that we had in the health food store, it was ephedra/pure ephedrine...

    I'm not really sure why the FDA would be regulating anti-freeze since they are the Food and Drug Administration?... I would guess that would be the Department of Agriculture, I know that there's a California Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), that regulates certain products saying "this product may be known to cause birth defects" what they mean by that is that they really do believe that the product has a damaging chemical of some kind in it, but not selling it would hurt the economy (noone wants to, nor can currently afford to "go natural"), so they let it go because they have no choice in the matter but they put a warning label on the product to let the public know how they feel about it.

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    You don't seem to realize that vitamins are regulated as food, and yes, as such the factories are inspected by the Department of Agriculture.

    See, Vitamin companies pressured Bill Clinton and Company to address supplements as food, not drugs - If herbs and vitamins were considered drugs, Big Herba-Vite companies would have to spend BILLIONS of dollars to demonstrate that their products did a darn thing.

    Moan and groan all you like about the fact that supplements are regulated by the FDA, but the vitamin companies are responsible for that one - now they can sucker people for all kinds of money, and not do a darned thing.

    All kinds of money is spent every year researching herbs and vitamins - check in Pubmed. You'll find thousands done in any given month.

    And for the record - he FDA has only banned a a few products in the last ten years - and they need Congress to do that - Get a grip.

    NO match ~ BIPOLAR is made up?!?!? Wow, you do have problems.

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    They maintain a revolving door between themselves and the pharmaceutical companies; one hand washes the other.

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  • 9 years ago

    I won't say they do nothing, but we would be much better off without them.

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