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IS there a cymbalta lawsuit? yes?

Deskin Law FIrm is investigating whether individuals believe Cymbalta manufacturer (Eli Lilly) misled them about cymbalta withthdrawal risks.

PLEASE, everyone fill out the form, or nothng will get done. It is easy, takes 5 minutes..

I have tried 2x to a get off this drug unsuccessfully. Now, I am going to use a compounding pharmacist...I take 30mg...I will go to 29mg for 2 weeks, 28mg for 2 weeks.., etc...and see how it goes...and I am having a in-home nurse visit me 2x week to monitor me..I am on SSDI and have medicare insurace..they pay for the in-home nurse....Yes, I am scrared of the withdrawal and the sereve anxiety coming back..Cymbalta did not help me with my Major Depression Disorder...Still depressed and can't function.

TO contact the above attorney, go to your Internet seach bar and type in the following:


Scroll down the page and you will see the form.

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    Here, drug-injury.com Tomas J. Lamb attorney

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  • 9 years ago

    Err, no. You cannot take legal action against a drug.

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