I asked a question earlier today, what do you think?

My ovulation day was 9/11, had sex in the 9/8, 9/11,9/12,9/14,9/15. I been having some lower abd pain yesterday on and off. This morning my cervix was really high, hard to find! Usually cervix around this time will be lower. I have some nausea but not bad, I can drink coffee. Cervical mucous milky white. Do you think I might be pregnant?

Thank Raquel

Another person answered to this question that I had cervical cancer is that true or might be wrong????

Please respond and see what you think?

Thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    Whoever told you that you have cervical cancer is an idiot hun. Even if it sounds like that could be your problem(which it does not), you can not tell just by talking to someone. But to answer main question Anything is possible. You know your body better then anybody. If you think you are take a test if you miss your period and baby dust and luck to you

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