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dolphins communicate by emitting ultrasonic waves of frequencies in the range 100 kHz to 250 kHz. what range?

of wavelengths in water does this represent? (speed of electromagnetic radiation c=3.00 (times) 10 (to the power 8) m s( to the power -1)

im a amateur :(

thnx for the help


sorry its rong,, its speed of sound in water which is just 1500m s(power -1)

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    ultrasonocs are not radio waves they are ptressure waves like's only sound at higher frequencies travelling at 1493 m/sec( changes with media)in fresh water.

    velocity = freq. x wavelength, so

    1493/250 mm to 1493/100 mm ie 5.97 mm to 14.93 mm is wavelength range.

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    Is that 1500^-1 m/s which would be the same as 150m/s? I know that speed of sound in air is 300 m/s so this seems reasonable.

    What I don't understand is the question. What range? There is a range of 150 kHz but did you mean the distance that the sound will carry? To know this, would we not need to know the power of transmission and the sensitivity of the receiver? They say that whale song could be heard on the other side of the planet if it weren't for all the noise pollution from shipping. I would not be surprised to hear that dolphins can be heard just as well.

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