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Pocahontas & John Smith? Or was it John Rolfe?

My history book says that John Smith was a governmental authority in the Jamestown settlement, and received a gunpowder wound, so he returned to Europe to heal, then he didn't return to the colonies afterwards.

In some places my history textbooks state that the man who was captured by the Powhatan Indians was named John Smith, and in other places my textbooks state that his name was John Rolfe.

Can someone clear this up for me please?


Harasnai, yes, you're welcome to email your essay to me. I'd be interested to read it.

So Pocahontas rescued John Smith and thought of him as a brother?

And she married John Rolfe who was a completely different person who she didn't rescue?

Is the John Smith that she rescued the same John Smith who was a government authority, wounded by gun powder, went back to Europe, and didn't return to the colonies?

Isn't it true that Pocahontas ended up in Europe too, and she didn't return to her native land either, and she died in Europe?

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    Pocahontas saved John Smith's liife, he is the same one who was wounded by gunpowder and went back to England. Later he wrote of Pocahontas 'she hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine'.

    Later she married John Rolfe, and visited England with him, where she was much admired at the English court. She and Rolfe were just setting out on the voyage home to America when she became ill and died. She is buried at Gravesend,in Kent. She and John Rolfe had a baby son, who survived, and through him Pocahontas has many descendants, one of them was the wife of President Woodrow Wilson.

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    John Smith was saved by Pocahontas, the Indians were going to kill him, but Pocahontas, the chief's favorite daughter, saved him. (the chief's name was Powhatan I believe). Pocahontas then thought of Smith as her brother. John Rolfe took a love interest in Pocahontas after the english kidnapped to stop the Indians from fighting them. They later got married. so they are two different people, out of curiousity, what textbook do you have. Also, one more thing, I have a paper on this that I may give you through email or something. but I'll have to figure that out.

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