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Please help me with the following space questons:?

1. What was unusual about the space shuttle, making it different from any other space craft that went into space?

2. What was the name of the very first space shuttle?

3. What was the date of the maiden flight of the space shuttle?

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    1. It was reusable, i.e. it could be used multiple times for multiple flights. It was not possible to use earlier spacecraft for more than one flight.

    2. Columbia was the first space shuttle orbiter.

    3. Columbia's first launch into space was STS-1 on 12 April, 1981.

    As a side note, jitterbugjims somehow managed to get all three of the questions wrong, which illustrates an important point about Yahoo!Answers: we're all just regular users like you, and as you can see not all of us are trustworthy sources of information. This is why it's very important to carefully evaluate the answers you receive here. For factual, historical questions like this, there are much better sources of information than Yahoo!Answers.

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    1- the space shuttle could be reused and retrieved by gliding back to earth.

    2- the shuttle could carry more people and cargo that could be deployed

    3- more people and companies could participate in a shuttle launch by way of building what is needed to send it up there.

    The name given to the first shuttle was called enterprise from what prez nixon wanted to call it, which was constitution.

    So many people in the states were fascinated by the tv series star trek, they wanted to use the name of that space ship which was called enterprise. I think it is easy to understand why richard nixon wanted to call it the constitution. I think he wanted us to think of law and order and what the usa is based on, that is the usa constitution, made by men and woman under the grace of god.

    this first shuttle was used for testing and when nasa ran most of its tests, they built another shuttle called columbia, which was the first to actually do work in space. the first ship enterprise was retired after all the testing was done to confirm what nasa wanted to know about the ability of the shuttle.

    I think there were 4 more shuttles build, challenger, discovery, endeavour, atlantis (this shuttle did the last mission). During the 30 year program, there were two crews and shuttles lost, that happened about 16 years apart. both accidents shut down the shuttle program for about 18 months until satisfactory answers were given as to why the accidents happen. the two ships lost were the columbia and challenger, where in both cases, parts of the ship were found on earth, but the crews were disintegrated. the first accident happened under prez reagan, the columbia ship, and the next was under prez clinton, the challenger ship, the first one was on blast off when the the shop was pretty high up in earths atmosphere, and the next accident was after re-entry but was still way up there.

    I forget the exact date, but it was nearly 30 years ago. just look up the spaced shuttle enterprise, and you should get an answer. my guess is either 1975 or 1976.

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    1. It was pretty and was supposed to be cheaper because it was reusable.

    2. Postponement

    3. Sometime in the Fall of 1981

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    1-space shuttle could return to earth


    3-april 7th 1983

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