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英文 Vocabulary list

Vocabulary Part of speech Meaning


1.Collect _________ _______

2.Hike _________ _______

3.Cinema _________ _______

4.Concert _________ _______

5.Badminton _________ _______

6.Online game _________ _______

7.Adventurous _________ _______

8.Bossy _________ _______

9.Clumsy _________ _______

10.Shy _________ _______

11.Silly _________ _______

12.Computer room __________ _______

P.S:Meaning 要用英文

N=Nour V=Verb Adj=Adjective Adv=Adverb

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    collect (v) - to bring things together from different people or placesHike (n)/(v) - (n): a long walk in the country / (v): to go for a long walk in the countryCinema ((n) - a building in which films or movies are shownconcert (n) - a public performance of musicbadminton (n) - a sport in which two or four people hit a shuttlecock over a high net online games (n) - a game which plays on the computer or internetadventurous ( adj) - willing to take risks and try new ideas ; enjoying being in new, exciting situationsbossy (adj) - always telling people what to doclumsy (adj) - awkward in movement or mannershy (adj) - nervous or embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other peoplesilly (adj) - showing a lack of thought, understanding or judgementcomputer room (n) - a room which places computers to give people to use

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