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    Was different with the previously music sacrifice, the union rock and roll and the ocean waves brings the brand-new sense organ stimulation!! Makes one in this not to gasp for breath, to gain ground sees only daylight lamp's society!! Annual rock and roll music offers a sacrifice to " The goal is Let everybody has to be able the liberation to welcome to the nature wash rock and roll music grand meeting!! Abandons all trains of thought the fetter, re-enters the nature most primitive boldness!! The fusion sense of touch, the sense of hearing, the vision tertiary unite sense organ impact!! Loosens the suffocating tie, takes off high-heeled shoes which then turns!! Steps into this natural ocean currents together the bosom!!

  • My dearest 老登 friend,

    We are just hoping that in futhre, the ask+ers improve their asking skill so the answer+ers' efforts not go in vain.

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    The poster might have already got the answer he needed by the time the question was removed. He won't care!

    Just the answer+ers. Why can't they understand that?

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    「根據Yahoo!奇摩知識+的定義,此問題的標題可能『過於含糊籠統』。請於標題註明:【原文語言】、【譯文語言】、【內容綱要】,否則您本身可能必須承擔此問題事後被移除的風險。另外,翻譯文句超過5行(或100個中文字)視同違反版規,此類問題移除率很高,大多數的回答者是幾乎不會去看內容的。請參考: 1611081205129」

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