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請問一下 :D

各位 大大/水水

↑這個版版的西洋音樂歌名叫甚麼 ?↑

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    這首歌是Akon的Keep You Much Longer

    @Wish I could Keep You Much Longer 希望我能留妳久一點

    I know You gotta Go cuz you got things to do


    Wish I could Keep You Much Longer 希望我能留妳久一點

    Now You to Busy for Me Girl like I was To You


    #Wish I could Stop By 希望我可以順便拜訪

    And Maybe Say Hi 然後也許打聲招呼

    Wish I could jus Stop By 希望我可以只是順便拜訪

    And Lay By Your Side 然後躺在你身邊

    The Tables have Turned 翻桌了

    And I’ve Finally Learned 而我終於領悟

    That this is Makin Up for Every Day I was Gone


    And that’s Why I’m Concerned 而那就是我所考慮的

    But Now it’s Confirmed 但現在已經確認了

    That You Spread Your Wings and Learned to Fly All Alone


    *Darkness in the Night 在黑夜中

    I’ll Find that Light for You 我會找到屬於你的光芒

    As Long as I got Eyes 只要我還看得見

    I’ll have a Sight for You 我會找你

    Long as I am Alive Baby I’d Die for You


    I Wanna Be With You 我想和你在一起

    Repeat @#

    You’re Always On My Mind 你一直在我心上

    While I’m Racin 當我在賽車時

    While I’m Paper Chasin 當我在追趕文件時

    You Were There when I said One Day I’d Get Up Out that basement


    Playin as My Agent 像是扮演代理人

    For You, There’s No Replacement 為你,沒有什麼可以代替

    You Will Always Be My Girl 你永遠是我的女孩

    and You can Hold Me on that Statement 在那聲明下,你可以抱著我

    Repeat *@#

    Baby I Know You 寶貝我懂你

    And How We Do 還有我們如何做

    Doin Exactly What I Taught You 就照我教你的做

    Gotta Get that Money First before You Come Spend that Precious Time with Your Boo


    And I know I gotta just Take It 然後我知道我就會佔有它

    Even though it’s Drivin Me Crazy 儘管這讓我瘋狂

    Always Wanted to See My Girl Make It 總是想要看我的女孩做

    Repeat @

    Wish I Could Keep You So Much Longer 希望我能留妳久一點

    Repeat #@

    Wish I Could Keep You Baby 希望我能留住妳,寶貝

    I Just Wanna Keep You Longer 我只想要留妳久一點

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