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How do I set up a TB headset with my tv/xbox 360?

I am SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so pretty much I have been completely confused about how this is set up ever since I got my tv. I have just about a billion options back there and so far none of the tutorials have answered what I am supposed to do. Heres the problem. I plug the HDMI cable in to the xbox and to the tv, I switch to the channel of the HDMI (in my case HDMI 3), and there is already sound coming out. It doesnt matter if I plug the a/v cable into the Xbox/TV (I have used the break off the casing of the AV connector method), because for whatever reason it doesnt change anything. How am I supposed to hear game sound out of my xbox if its already solely using the hdmi cable for everything. Am I on the wrong channel? I checked every other channel and nothing. I could always use the regular RGB cable, but wont that horribly hurt the quality of my game? I cant believe I would have to sacrifice quality just to use the headset. There are indeed a red and white connection right above the HDMI slot on the TV, but like I said, plugging in the red and white cables does nothing, both from the xbox and from the headset.

If someone could explain to me what I am doing wrong I would be eternally grateful. Please do not give an answer that ISNT an answer, because I have already wasted enough time on this to listen to someone trying to get smart /w me.

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    9 years ago
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    I don't know Xbox well, but I can tell you something.

    HDMI CAN support Picture and Audio. That doesn't mean it HAS to. You can have it give only audio, or only picture.

    For example: I have the TB for the PS3. It has a digital output cable for sound (the ones that are really small). I plug that in. When I go to Audio Settings for the PS3, I set it up so sound comes through the digital output, not the HDMI. If I want, I can make it go through both (Audio Multi Output).

    So I assume there is a similar function on the 360.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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