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Can protein powder help me building big muscles?

i am frm india

i have joined gym frm 2 body is a little weaker..gym trainer r suggest me to take protein powder and told me surely i can grow my grow my body and muscles within 1 month by regular intake of powder.and i want to grow my body much it true that protein powder realy works effectively?plz suggest me any protein powder name.nd how much it cost per kilo?plz give me bodybuilding tips and diet.

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    Hi, The most common two types you are likely to have come across are whey and soy protein powder. There are differences in the biological values of the two types, with whey protein coming from animal sources, but whey protein powder side effects are essentially the same as soy protein powder side effects.

    This can cause two problems:

    The first is that too much protein in the kidneys will increase the acidity level of your blood; this reacts with the calcium in your body and makes the bones weaker – increasing your muscle mass at the same time as weakening your bones is an easy way to injury yourself badly.

    The second is the extremely painful condition of kidney stones. If you think recovering after a tough workout hurts, try developing kidney stones. It is clearly something you want to avoid and just another reason to consume only the recommended intake of protein each day.

    Protein powder side effects are real, but as discussed, it should be remembered that they usually only develop when the user consumes far too much. If you are a beginner at the gym, the best way to gauge is to see how much weight you gain each week. A beginner, who follows a good workout schedule and leaves enough rest time between workouts, can expect to gain about 1 to 1.5 pounds per week. If you find that you are not, gradually increase your protein intake.

    Take care men... don't take protein powder.

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    whey's not bad lol, you're acting like it's some super fake/bad thing that's corrupting us all or something. it's not some super secret formula or anything, basically powdered milk. "only bulks you up while you're on it...after you stop you're back to normal" you're either lying, misjudged something, or have incredibly **** genetics (and luck, probably the lying or unaware thing tho, I prosmis, the other 348970 people that use it have never claimed this). whey doesn't "bulk you up", it's protein that digests quicker than other sources, thats it, you take it after a workout to get protein to muscle quickly so you don't go into a catabolic state (people seem to think taking 3 protein shakes a day makes you huge or something, they're silly). and you aren't going to get "back to normal" once youre done, it's not NO lol. besides, unless you're growing vegetables in your backyard and raising chickens, you're eating processed (hey, unatural) food, embrace it or go live on a farm. if you still dont believe me, drink milk, it has whey (pretty much powdered stuff, but it's liquid and not in a gnc, so I guess that makes it non protein powder and thereby approvable by your standards). also, milk in a store is processed (overly btw), chemicals in there that would make you dizzy, you have the farm option though!

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    Yes protein powders help. But often there are lotsa side affects

    Use natural stuff / food to gain muscles. It's much healthier

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    Well, look at the men in prison. Those dudes are huge. They don't get protein powder.

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