School's lunch line is too long and they don't make enough food?

Ever since the beginning of school this year, our lunch lines have become WAY too long, and by the time I make it up to the actual serving counter, their all out of food! I keep getting stuck with no food at lunch, because I get free lunch at school and have no time to pack my own lunch, so I have to wait in the long lines and go up there for nothing. The lunch lady had the nerve to try and force me to buy a personal pan pizza (The one lunch item they DON'T run out of) for $3, which I DO NOT have the money to spend on right now.

They never have enough food, I always have to never eat, and whenever I do get food, there's never enough time to eat it. I take one bite and we have to leave for the next class. Sometimes the lunch lady HAS food she can give us, but she won't. It's ride there in front of us but she won't give it to us. The cafeteria is just too unorganized, and I cannot stand having no food at lunch anymore. What can I do?

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  • 10 years ago
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    At my school, we have the exact same problems. I have the last lunch, ours are divided into A,B,C,D,E,F, A being first and F being last. Whenever I make it to the Cafeteria (I try to get there FAST) the door is practically CLOGGED with kids. It's impossible to get in. Once I do make it in, the lunch lines are way too long, and I have to get right on the end, because the lunch monitors watch our lines closely. Once I do make it up (I normally have other kids behind me as well) they are all out of EVERYTHING. I always have to turn around and walk back over to my table, and I want to shout "I bet if I were in Jail i'd get FED!"

    Back in Elementary school, our teachers always had us vote for what lunch we would get, and they would then send the count to the Cafeteria, and they would make more than enough food for everyone. Now at this school, last year wasn't so bad. I had B lunch, so I was second, & they always had enough food. Now with F lunch, I feel like a Bottomfeeder, basically eating what everyone else left for me, oh, wait, they almost never leave ANYTHING. I think it may be that my school has over 1,000 kids.

    I never have enough time to pack my lunch either, and if I did, it would probably just be a sandwich, since we don't have many other snack options at my house.

    That lunch lady sounds like she considers you to be an orphan, like Oliver Twist. She thinks you don't deserve the food, but you're having it waved right in front of your face. I once had that happen to me. The lunch lady had some chicken tenders still in the container, but she said she was all out. They were right there, I even pointed them out to her, but she said, "I don't have anything, it's ALL GONE" She didn't seem to care either. Apparently, we kids at F lunch get the leftovers, and we get only half of what the kids at earlier lunches got, if we even get any. It's like the kids at the earlier lunches are the people in charge of the workhouse, and we're the orphans who have to eat GRUEL while they feasted.

    Lunch time is also retarded. We have as much time to eat as the orphans in Oliver Twist did. "Eat your food in 1 minute and get back to work!" What are we? Nothing?

    Also, apparently the kids at the earlier lunches have the opportunities to get bags of chips and Rice Krispie Treats for $1 and cookies for 50 cents. By the time we make it into the lunchroom, they're all out.

    You need to boycott. Tell everyone who's stuck with no food to try and bring packed lunches or to bring a snack to lunch, but to refuse to get in that line until they HAVE food for you to eat. If they can't provide food, whether it's free or not, then they need to make more. It's just unfair. No one shouldn't be able to eat even if they do pay nothing!

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