Surgery to get mono-lid eyelids?

Is there a surgery procedure in which you can go from having double lids to mono-lids/ Asian lids? I have double lids, though when my eyes are open it looks as though i have mono-lids. But whenever i put eyeshadow on, you can't see it because when i close my eyes it does not show. Just wondering if there was such a procedure. Thanks for your answers.

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  • mike
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    9 years ago
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    Hey u, i know how you feel cause i too have double eyelids but it looks like mono lids. I too was contemplating eyelid surgery but before you do.. i want you to try out these different options.. it may change your life!

    Try eyelid stickers!!! Give these a try before you get eyelid surgery. They come in different sizes, textures and its clear. They look like crescent moon shapes and you stick it slightly above your own eyelid and they open up your eyes no joke! Theres also double sided eyelid tape which work well for others but i dont really like it because it didnt work well for me.. and even eyelid glue which i didnt like either because it doesn't have the strength to hold up the lid. Please give these eyelid stickers a chance, theyre easily found at asian market stores that sell accessories and theyre cheap they range from $2.00 - 40.00 for a pack of 60-80 lid stickers and it will change your life and the ways your eyes look.. they open up your eyes and look very natural most people dont even notice. Im not even sure if i want eyelid surgery in the future because you have to remember there are always risks involved and you can go blind if you get a surgeon that isnt qualified and there are no guarantees just like nose jobs, breast implants and lipo. I know some girls that got theyre eyelids done and it has made them slightly cockeye,sometimes the lid isnt even that big so it didnt make much of a difference.. even some will get eyelid surgery and are wearing eyelid sticker to hold up the lid because when it healed it healed back to normal. And most girls will find that theyre eyelids are not symmetrical one will be bigger than the other. So please if you do consider getting the surgery to get a qualified licensed doctor, do your research and learn about the different shapes of eyelids or eyes you want to achieve. Korea is number 1 when it comes to eyelid surgery just to let you know so keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm not sure, but don't get surgery!!! You should be happy with the way you are, and there's probably a lot of risk there because the eyes are a very sensitive area.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes there is... I know of asian people who have done this procedure, just do some research on this and make sure that you get a good doctor.

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