Why would Former President Carter give Romney his endorsement?

The kiss of death for sure imo and doesn't bode well for the Republicans now

Update 2:

Flower I don't have anything against Carter but lots of people do. I read much harsher articles than this and felt it was the most reasonable of the news of him approving of Carter.

Update 3:

Of Romney I mean. Get a grip and quit judging me. I just offered and opinion.

Update 4:

Goddess do you remember when Carter hoped that Reagan would win the Primaries because he had no chance? lol. I can't see why you think Obama is brilliant with the Corp. Crony's you hate so much he surrounds himself with. You know he does. I think he is weak and ineffectual. I despise globalists personally

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  • 10 years ago
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    Regardless of all the negative against Jimmy Cater, a former Sunday School teacher, a once confessed as a playboy, and coupled with many faked derogatory against him. I personally like Jimmy Carter for his honesty, openness, willing to accept critics and most of the time with humble confession. I admire his good-hearted deeds for helping the poor and sick peoples in this world and his utmost efforts of helping to fulfill the America dreams of owning a home for all the low income working classes in the US before was plausible.


    I think it could be the influence of Tim Pawlenty. Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney for president on Monday, making the announcement on Fox News hours before the Republican presidential candidates gather in Florida for another debate. I think Carter is an humble person and once hoped that Regan would win with the primaries as what you say.


    Regardless of what political party win the next WhiteHouse, the presisent must do the followings first.

    1) Stop all the wars

    2) Bust the bubbles of global stock markets and the US housing and real estate transactons. It will be a global hope of Dow Jones index to be declined to under 4,000 and the evil Hong Kong Heng Sang index must be declined to under 8,000. This at least can make this world cheaper to live and hopeful to eliminate the twin evils of stagflation.

  • 10 years ago

    Carter wouldn't like anybody who wasn't a globalist. I wish this question would be asked of all the candidates. I know Ron Paul wants out of the UN. That is my biggest attraction to him. Most of the candidates just write an executive order as soon as they're sworn in to abide by Sustainable Development and that will be the agenda. Bush 1 signed it in Rio, Clinton started got the ball rolling, Bush 2 did his part, and Obama is in the process of the biggest push toward it so far.

  • 10 years ago

    Romney is the emptiest suit running, unless one counts the shrill and undereducated Bachmann. If he was matched up against a brilliant and hardworking President Obama come 2012, Romney would lose. Perhaps Jimmy Carter sees, as I do, that the other right-wing candidates are dangerous in their pursuit or intention of staging a theocratic COUP if in power, with the exception of Jon Huntsman, who is probably the closest to sane candidate the GOP or TeaP have, which is why Huntsman will not be the nominee.

  • 10 years ago

    Carter is the epitome of left wing wack job....His endorsement of Mitt Romney is probably an attempt to "help" Obama? Or possibly even loon tune Carter knows BO's days are numbered so he is going with Romney because Romney is a liberal who for some reason wants us to believe he's a conservative. If Romney wins the nomination I will vote for him, but only as a vote against Obama.

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  • 4 years ago

    That merely shows you that Obama and Romney are interchangeable! each and every thing you assert approximately Obama as President you are able to say approximately Romney as Governor! we choose a actual tea celebration candidate!! you recognize that Romneycare compelled insurance firms to pay for delivery administration?

  • 10 years ago

    Jimmy "you can trust me" Carter was my Commander in Chief in the 70s. In my opinion, anything he says is irrelevant. It took Reagan several years to cleanse the ghosts from the White house, and the economy.

    Remember the old TV show He-Haw? The song "I wrote you a letter but couldn't spell ___________"

    Thank God he is gone.

  • Kini
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    10 years ago

    I read the story but I dont get your point. He said he thought they were all qualified to run for office.

    What do you have against JImmy Carter. He is a great humanitarian.

  • evlma
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    10 years ago

    Don't trust Carter, he's a twisted Machiavellian fork. People think he's just a bone head? He's not, he worked to damage the economy and the country deliberately working with the same scum bags JFK turned on and Clinton also worked with, and who Obama is working for.

  • 10 years ago

    Another dem/lib trying to influence

    the selection of the GOP candidate...again.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Don't lie to me. I read that article, and he just says he wouldn't mind Mitt Romney. That is hardly a endorsement.

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