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Can I press libel charges against another internet user ?

Someone has taken my username from,

and signed it up to a various host of silly websites,

things like body odor forums, bad breath forums, etc, homeless forums, and is using my username on those forums.

Their motive is to discredit my argument and embarrass me.

Is this illegal ??

Was this an organised attack ?

Someone said I was ''4channed'', or an internet group did it to me ??

Is it illegal to use someones elses username on a completely different forum ??

Can I walk into a lawyers office tomorrow and say someone has signed my username up to a body odor and bad breath forum with intent to embarrass me ??

Will that sound like a reasonable reason to press charges ?

Can I press charges for slander/ defamation ??

How do I begin to press charges ??

No, the username is not copyrighted. The username is not connected to any business whatsoever.

We simply debate life, politics, society, philosophy etc with made up usernames. They are of no importance really.

However it is very embarrassing to me.

final point - he has only libelled my username, not my personal details, or anything else.


to the yahoo user Tabby -

It's nothing to do with identity theft - it is just mindless trolling and they just want to embarrass me by pretending to be on OTHER forums.

Is this libel or not ?

Update 2:

Shaun Mcnickle -


Another user on the same website we debate on,,

took my username,

and signed it up himself on the silly websites I mentioned.

He personally wanted to embarrass me.

Update 3:

I only found out because I googled my username out of curiosity.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Same password? How did they get that, you should be asking if they are into your stuff.

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  • Tabby
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    9 years ago

    It's not your username, it just happens to be a name you chose as did the other person. When I sign up for something and I can't have the username I want I can't go and press charges against someone else for using the name I always try to use because it's not mine. If they are using the same username as you and sign up using your real information then probably because that would be identity theft.

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  • 9 years ago

    Uhm.. usernames are not owned. Only for the website that you have that username.. Anyone can use that username for anything else they want. It's not even close to being illegal

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  • 9 years ago

    No. There's no grounds anymore than if someone gave a dog your name. Anyone can choose a username and people often pick one that's in use already - so even if this were grounds you could never prove it.

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  • 9 years ago

    you have the user name on one website, its free game anywhere else. people often try for the same user names. it was not an organised attack, and if you were 4channed they would have all your accounts, they would make new ones. how can you know their motives?

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