JK Rowling and Choosing The Names Of Characters!! New Discovery!!?

Harry Meaning: Army power, or ruler of the army.

Luna Meaning: The moon.

Ron Meaning: English/Scottish: A wise and powerful ruler. Hebrew: Means ‘song’ in Hebrew.

Tom Meaning: A twin.

The meaning of the name Severus is Severe

The meaning of the name Albus is White

Any other ones? Sorry, I know this isn't a question... JK Rowling is awesome though, isn't she?!


Okay, I'll explain it. Harry, Ruler of Dumbledore's Army, or at least the teacher. Idk, Luna just reminds me of a moon... That one probably was not meant for anything, and Ron too. Tom and Harry were like twins, weren't they? And Albus... Well... I think you all can figure that out yourselves.

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    "Sirius" is also the name of the brightest star in the solar system, also called the "Dog Star" (and Sirius turns into a dog!)

    "Remus" is the name of a greek boy who was raised by a wolf. "Lupin" is also derived from the Latin phrase "Canis Lupus" which means "Gray Wolf"

    Professor McGonagall's first name is Minerva. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom.

    "Voldemort" is a mixture of several Latin root words that, all together, mean "fear of death"

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    Tom Riddle didn't have a twin, so obviously that has nothing to do with Rowling's choice of name.

    These have nothing to do with why Rowling might or might not have chosen the names. These are merely name meanings. Do you think that every author picks names to suit their characters perfectly?

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    LUNA: people used to think a full moon made people crazy hence loony and loon :(also a bird)

    severus SNAPE (snake) and Professor QUIRREL (squirrel) snakes eat squirrels

    FENRIR Greyback: named after wolf of norse myhtology

    ARGUS Filch: named after character in greek mythology that has many eyes (filch can see everything in hogwarts)

    MINERVA mcgonagall (spelled right?): roman goddess of wisdom

    REMUS lupin: remus is a Romulus's brother (legendary founder of Rome) they were raised by a wolf lupin means something too but i don't remember

    SIRIUS BLACK: sirius is the dog star. black dog. get it?

    MALFOY: echoes malicious, meaning evil

    lily and petunia: though idon't know what it means, they are both flowers. also, her eyes represent something in some book (sorry for the lack of info)

    QUIDDITCH: QUaffle, bluDger, blugDer, snITCH (it is missing an i though...)

    interesting note: at some colleges, they offer harry potter classes about the allusions (references to other literature) and other stuff in harry potter

    Source(s): my 5th grade teacher
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    Yeah, I know tons more.

    Remus Lupin basically means wolf. Remus is a mythological figure...something with a wolf. And Lupin (Lupis) is Latin for wolf? Maybe? Eh...I can't remember.

    Merope was some sort of mythological person that fell in love with a mortal. It's also a very dim star.

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    8 years ago

    Not really sure what you're getting at with the meanings? Harry didn't rule an army, Luna wasn't a moon, Ron wasn't a powerful ruler, Tom wasn't a twin, Severus wasn't severe, Albus... well okay, he was white. But it's not like the names describe the characters... and they shouldn't. In real life people don't get names that fit their personalities so yes, J.K did a good job on that.

    She did choose good names though!

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    Ya shes amazing I love her names lol(:

    Minevera is aanother form of Athena, and shes the goddess of WISDOM, and mcgonagall is very smart(:

    Sirius means dog, and that was his animgus;)

    Draco mapeans dragon, and his wand had dragon core...I THINK. NoT SURE AT ALL I just remember something like that.

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    Yes, she put a lot of meanings into her names. She also took a lot of names from mythology. Argus is the name of a giant with 1000 eyes. Remus is the name of a mythological boy who was raised by a wolf with his brother Romulus (a name she gave him when he spoke on PotterWatch).

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    Well Avada Kedavra sounds like Abra Kadabra. So I think she just makes it up or makes it sound like what the spell is doing.

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    Draco is the name of a flying lizard.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes she is very cool

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