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In what way is saying virtually all scientists in related fields accept evolution as fact, an argument from au?

…authority logical fallacy? Sorry, ran out of room. Anyway, how is it? Biologists are the experts in their field, and they are more educated in the theory of evolution than anyone else is. An argument from authority is only a fallacy if the authority isn't an expert. Eg. Saying your parent told you Mars has life on it. Unless your parent who said that is an astronomer, it's a logical fallacy.


If they're saying something and they're an expert in that field, and what they're saying has to do with that field, that probably means it's true.

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    Anyone who said it was a fallacy doesn't understand what fallacy is, otherwise it's a placeholder for youwrongmygodreal!

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    Saying something like "You should accept evolution because virtually all scientists in related fields accept evolution" is an argument from authority.

    Just stating what is the case... like "Virtually all priests are theists" isn't a fallacy.

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    That's like arguing that brain surgeons know more about the nervous system than the general public is a fallacy.

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    An appeal to authority states that a certain fact must be true because (insert people here) say that it is true. This applies whether or not someone is an "expert".

    That is what you are saying.

    If this is too advanced, I feel sorry for you.

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    I don't think it is, at least not in a fallacious way.

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    Dude, if the neo-flatearthers understood formal fallacies, they wouldn't be in the position they're in.

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    So why don't you accept the word or reputable Bible historians?

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