how will the Yankees 2012 starting rotation look like?

CC Sabathia, King Felix, Cj Wilson, Ivan Nova , Hughes ?????

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. CC Sabathia

    2. CJ Wilson

    3. Ivan Nova

    4. Yu Darvish

    5. AJ Burnett


    LHP. Boone Logan

    SU. David Robertson

    SU. Rafael Soriano

    CL. Mariano Rivera

    MR. Cory Wade

    MR. Luis Ayala

    LR. Phil Hughes

    LR. Hector Noisi

    This off-season the Yankees will go on a spending spree on young pitching, which will win World Series, by signing CJ wilson they get a great #2 ace, and from what Ivan Nova has done this year he will be one of the best #3 starters in the league. If the Yankees find a way to fit Yu Darvish under their large payroll which they most likely will they get a Japanese pitcher with a sub 2 ERA in the Japan National League, this will probably be a ERA of 3 in the MLB. The only reason that AJ will be in the rotation is because Hughes is a better bullpen pitcher by far than AJ is, and this will make the job easier for the pitcher staff, by having a solid long reliever to go a long with an already great bullpen. As far as King Felix the only way the Yankees could get him is by giving the whole farm system, and then the Seattle Mariners maybe will considerate the deal(But it would still be a long shot and the Yankees would be giving up more than what they get in return). Lastly Congratulations to Mariano Rivera in coming the all time save leader.

  • 9 years ago

    CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, young guy to be named later, average veteran to be named later

    The Yankees have no way of getting Felix Hernandez, and I doubt they can pay CJ Wilson right now, and I don't really see him leaving Texas anyway

  • 9 years ago

    I dont understand why I keep hearing from Yankee fans that felix will somehow get traded to New York. I mean this guy is locked up until like 2014 or something. Hes the best pitcher on the Mariners, trust me when I say this, after following baseball for so long, there is a 0.009% chance that Felix Hernandez will be traded before his final year on his contract. So just pop that bubble now.

    I kinda get this strange feeling Yankee fans are kinda spoiled to the extent where they panick and want to fill holes, they automatically look at last place teams and say,"Hey, they are in last place, they dont need this guy." So they try to say oh we'll give you these handful of prospects and you give your best player even though we know the prospects will never even come close to your player's talents. But we are the Yankees and we have money and we can do whatever we want.

    They might sign WIlson. CC/Wilson/Nova are the most likely top 3 starters. PIthcers I can see them going after: Rich Harden, Hiroki Kuroda, and maybe Mark Buerhle(even tho I see him saying a Sox).

  • 9 years ago

    1) CC Sabathia

    2)CJ Wilson

    3) Unknown Acquisition

    4)Ivan Nova

    5)Either one of the top prospects for the Yankees or Hughes

    *Hughes is iffy. He's unconsistent and gives me headaches.

    *Burnett will be sent to the bullpen and as a spot starter. He'll be the Barry Zito of NYY

    *They will acquire a No.2/No.3 type starter in a trade

    *Garcia and Colon will be gone, Garcia's been slumping big time lately and everyone has caught onto Colon's awesome two seamer

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  • 9 years ago

    Hughes, Nova, Jason Marquis, Colon, Chien-Ming Wang

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    4 years ago

    I even have none immediately. no longer feasible to realistically assume trades and loose company signings for any team's roster with 5 weeks left interior the present season.. Matsui and Zambrano are nevertheless potentials for 2011.

  • 9 years ago

    Felix Hernandez makes $800k a year until 2015. How do you plan to go about his acquisition?

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    9 years ago

    Ivana humpalot

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