How far are Tibet, Nepal and Baingoin from mount Everest? and please include your formula used.?

Please, this is a project in which I've done 20 other questions like this... I', stuck on this one... Help me please. I'll give 10 points.

Calculate the distance from Tibet, Nepal, and baingoin from mount everest. Give the distance in miles and kilometers. Include the formulas used to determine to calculate these figures.

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  • xyzzy
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    9 years ago
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    Mount Everest is 0 miles or 0 kilometers from Nepal and Tibet it is on the border between Nepal and Tibet.

  • 9 years ago

    Well, mount Everest is IN Nepal so...

  • macrae
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    4 years ago

    properly i think of the full element of the Nepal/China border is the Himalayas forming the actual (and for this reason political) boundary and because Everest is the tallest, the peak probable types the authentic element of the boundary between the two great countries.

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